Constricted Breathing

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by murph

I will try to explain this as best as I can but its hard to accurately describe the discomfort.

I often ride for 90kms before work, fairly moderate pace, not smashing myself but a good workout nonethelesss. On my way back from work the first 10-15mins is really difficult, my throat feels constricted, which leads to shortness of breath, which then leads to loss of power in the legs. Its as if something is pushing on my throat and can't open up fully. This usually clears after 15mins or so and everything goes back to normal. During these symptoms my heart rate is in the 130's and I can't push higher than 140 due to the breathing/loss of power in my legs.

This episode happens consistently on the way home after i've had a long ride in the morning. I've ruled out a few things; its not related to the food I consume post morning ride as i've eaten a range of unhealthy to healthy foods and it makes no difference. Temperature doesn't impact on it either. Riding with or without a backpack doesn't change it. I've had the same symptoms when i'm in optimum shape and when i've been not so fit.

I did a lot of heart tests last year and there are no issues there at all. It all seems to come down to fatigue from the morning ride, but just really strange - i guess the best way to describe it is all the symptoms of max heart rate but getting it when i'm only at 70% of that level.

Its more of an annoyance than anything else, but just wondered if anyone else had something similar happen to them?


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by spdntrxi

exercised induced asthma maybe.... I have it and generally does not kick in until I am done after a hard effort.. or if the air quality is poor I get it too.

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by Lewn777

Three likely causes:
1. Air pollution caused by traffic, the particulates in diesel are particularly bad.
2. As above, exercised induced asthma. Seems more common in professional athletes. Not sure why they'd want to inhale steroids ;-)
3. Iodine deficiency. This causes abnormal enlargement of the thyroid gland and give that heavy feeling and restricted breathing. Try eating loads of seaweed, actually it's delicious and has loads of other healthy nutrients.

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by murph

Don't think its pollution as the evening ride is a bike path along a creek away from traffic. Interesting about Asthma but this happens after very little effort. Will look into Iodine deficiency and seaweed.

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by bikeboy1tr

I have a hypothyroid condition and take iodine in a liquid form every morning from an eye dropper as you dont need much of it. I would assume you have had blood tests to rule out any kind of thyroid issues or any other blood abnormallities.
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