How to improve bike handling for TT riding

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by wintershade

RocketRacing wrote:
Wed Sep 18, 2019 2:45 am
My advice for any new nervous rider is as follows:
- get comfortable gettign in and out fo the drops smoothly and quickly.
- get comfortable in cross winds in the aero position. If you are really getting blown around, you may just need to run a shallower front wheel. They are the source of most problems, not the rear. Discs are said to have minimal effect (I would not know as I have yet to run one, but the slowtwitchers swear by them).
- if you are a light rider, you will just be more prone to being blown around due to physics. Get as aero as possible, and accept that you may need to have less agressive wheels vs heavier riders, or be willign to live with more risk.
- long low bikes may have marginally less issue with side forces.
- don;t make sudden changes/corrections if you get blown. Work with it and gradually correct.
- give yourself more clearance to the side of the road.
- get a garmin radar. trust me. You want as much info as you can get for training.
- the faster you ride, the lower the effective wind angles you see (stability increases). Power through it.
This is some good advice. Thanks for that. Especially your comment on powering through the wind. It's kind of counterintuitive to go harder/faster when you're getting blown around, but it really helps. Slowing down or soft-pedaling in the wind (which is my natural instinct) just results in getting more thrashed about. It reminds me of docking a sailboat, sometimes to maneuver you just need to give it more throttle.

All that said, I do think there is something wrong about how my bike is set up. I think the frame might be too short and I'm thus too far over the front wheel to get long/low enough. I'm meeting with one of the world's most respected fitters next weekend and we'll see if it's just the wrong bike for me. Those following this thread may want to check classifieds in a couple weeks for a Speedmax SLX available for a song.

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