Fresubin as a Energy drink?

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by dim

One of my client's has given me approx 30 bottles of Fresubin ... His wife is very ill, and struggles to eat food, and this Fresubin was recommended as a nutrition supplement drink. She does not like the taste

I'm not sure if I will use them but he suggested that they may be good for long distance rides (Audax)

here's a link to details: ... ergy-drink

do I try them, or it it best to bin them :noidea:
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by AJS914

It contains fat, protein, and carbs. It might be a fine recovery drink.

by Weenie

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by Ethan4

Give it a try for a day or two. Might be a good energy drink.

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by IsabelleFoissard

I think it is a hyperprotein energy drink, so it can go well if what you need is to recover or gain muscle mass. I've tried it once by bike but I didn't notice anything special.

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