Eating while riding, what do you have?

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by djbowen99

I do the little Hawaiian rolls with peanut butter, jelly, and a touch of honey. They compress well in aluminum foil.

by Weenie

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by patchsurfer

Rice pudding into a small plastic bag, chew a hole in the corner and suck it out as you go. If you use the chocolate stuff, the opposition think you've muddled up your food and the results of walking the dog. Another vote for fig rolls, too. When I'm racing, any event over 1.30 I'll make sure I'll get something down at about .40, try for every 20 minutes after that. Haven't really found an energy drink I agree with, so tend not to rely on carbs in liquid form. For a big day out, nuthin' wrong with a pocket full of cheese and marmite sandwiches.

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by JerryLook

I was also kind of hooked on the energy gels for a while. I was using the Clif gels with 100mg of caffeine. I’m pretty sure it was the caffeine that I liked.

I used to also take Clif bars with me for rides over an hour. Pop tarts were good for this too. They have the organic ones for cheap at the discount store I go to. Close to the expiration date, but still very good.

Now we are trying to cut back on plastic waste, wrappers and such. So I just drink some cold brew coffee before I ride (I keep a pitcher of it made in the fridge). And I make my own protein bars and wrap them in parchment paper.
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by flying

If you ever want to know about your recipes nutrition this calculator makes it easy ... er-4157076

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by sanrensho

Nature's Bakery Fig Bars...soooo good

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by TonyM

sanrensho wrote:Nature's Bakery Fig Bars...soooo good
Same for these at Costco.

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by otoman

Nutter butters and Rice Krispy Treats from Costco. Maple syrup in an old gel flask (rocket fuel but glycemic index of only 50!). Various and random bars....
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by robeambro

Being a cheapskate/lazy ass, when I don't want to stop to eat bananas on the roadside, I just bring a gel flask filled with some kind of syrup (honey, agave, even pancake) and a bit of water. If I were racing, this would be my go-to, as you can literally grab the flask and drink while being in the drops just fine.

I also put some lemon and salt to my water.

I admire those of you who use stroopwafels, gummy bears, Malteasers... Only once I planned to use the former, and bought a 12-pack the night before. Well, I ate them all that night. 2000kcal or so. Never again.

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