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by 3Pio

Hi there..Looking to add Garmin Fenix 5, to Garmin Edge 520 and Garmin Index Scale i allready own...

But looking for a lot of negative reviews, wondering how are everyone experience with Garmin Fenix 5...

The point of adding Garmin Fenix 5 beside Edge 520, is that to track my Commuting, and my sleep, and to use it for hiking, walking etc... (So it will 24/7 on my wrist, except when im riding a bike non commuting.. For non-commuting ride i'll still use my Edge 520, since i prefer to have more display data on the screen.

The negative things i read about Fenix 5:

1. Bad GPS Tracking/Accuracy

2. ANT+ Dropouts connecting to Power Meters etc (i use Favero Assioma Duo pedals, for real cycling most of the times i;ll use Edge 520, but will like possability to have power data on Fenix as well)

3. Temperature/Attitude sensor not accurate

4. Cracking OHR sensor (i can see a lot of compliants of cracked resin around sensor)

Also interested in TrueUp option.. As i can see activity made on Edge 520 would sync to Fenix 5, but not activities from Fenix 5 to Edge 520 (since 520 is not TrueUp compatible).. But if i got proper Values on Fenix5, even from Edge 520 activities, then perfect...

Also interested to track my sleep, and not sure how valuable is this or just marketing...

Thinking to get Silver Fenix 5 , With Black strap

Alternative is Forerunner 935 (better GPS accuracy, except GPS is not better with new firmwares on Fenix 5) and lighter on the wrist (wondering how u find Fenix 5 if u wear 24/7)...

But again negatives for FR935 from stucked buttons, temperature/attitude sensor not accurate, cracking resing on OHR, and less durable body... (in my case FR935 will be a bit more expensive)

So what are ur opinions about all this? :)

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by mrlobber

Fenix 5 sapphire user for 18 months.

To address what you've mentioned as bad things:
1) not observed. My F5 tracks very well (even under clothes), compared to Edge 510/520, which, if put in pocket, are totally useless. However, I've heard the 935 is more accurate still.
2) true. Can't be fixed because the antenna is on the back of the watch at the metallic body.
3) temperature sensor is useless because the watch sits on your wrist... so it measures something between your body temperature and external temperature. This is beyond stupid IMHO, as this "issue" could have been picked up by 2 minutes of basic user alpha testing. Altitude sensor measures altitude changes quite well, as long as you don't pay any attention what the absolute altitute the watch thinks you are located at, because this one seems to be totally random - for instance, right now I'm sitting at "-165m", lol
4) not observed

Yes, true up works 520 -> F5, confirmed. However, I still would use external app (Trainingpeaks, Golden Cheetah) for any serious analysis.

The watch does pretty good job of sleep tracking - I don't even use the HR variability, but can tell pretty well if I've rested good enough from my minimum night heart rate.

Overall I'm pretty satisfied, as F5 fixed my main concerns with GPS problems in Garmin 5xx series if I'm running or doing xc ski in winter plus some daily activity tracking.
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by Weenie

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by kytyree

I have the same watch as mrlobber and concur with what he wrote. I don't wear mine at night but have it on right now at work and usually do wear it. I use mine some on my MTB to track rides in an 800' deep canyon and it works just fine recording a GPS track and HR but it doesn't do powermeters etc well.

I find it very usefull for recording other stuff I'm doing, really whatever you're interested in recording. I use it in the pool quite a bit. I haven't paid much attention to the temp but I look at the altitude stuff sometimes as a curiousity. I think it works fairly well for something this small. I'm very in tune with the various elevations around me and I'll notice it drifting time to time but in general I think it does just fine.
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by simoncx

I had the fenix 5, first one worked a couple days and had problems with elevation jumping to 20k a couple time a ride and then Temperature/Attitude stopped working. Second one did the same right out the box. Finally returned it for the 935 which has been great, good thing rei is good with return/exchange. I actually like the 935 alot better, it's pretty much the same features as the fenix but lighter and less bulky. I use mine for running and cx, for the bike I prefer the 520 or 810.

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by 3Pio

Thanks for ur replies..

I decide to get one, and have it for few days... I allready had few activities, and so far so good...

I realized on Hiking trail, that GPS accuracy is not good (a lot of trailing), but will try again with GPS+Gallielo or GPS+Glonass next time, and recording 1s

Im a bit suprised form sleep analysis, still early to conclude anything, but for now seem accurate as how i feel, and also interesting is Training Effect (very simplicifed even i have numbes in Golden Cheetah to conclude )

For now i dont regret it.. Also i was a bit afraid that will be to heavy, but for few days since i have i dont notice it ....(i dont ride with watch on arm, for that purpose i use EDGE 520)

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by alber84

hi. i have the fenix 5 plus. As for gps recordings, for what I have seen, depending on the type of sport you practice, you should configure the activity. for example, in mtb, the speed at which we move is fast, so the gps + galileo is appropriate. here in Spain at least the recording of tracks is not bad. On the other hand, if what you are going to do is run, I think that with the gps it can be enough and so not spend so much battery. the ultratrack ... I have it for hiking but this is quite deficient recording the route ...

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by Conza

Fenix 3 for years n' years. Still going strong (after a crash on it as well).
Wanting to get the latest, but not enough benefits I think - so waiting for Fenix 6? lol.
Not spending $2.5k on the latest batch.
Smaller watch, running power, and some IQ app updates, NFC would be sweet. As with all day tracking, HR etc. Plus who knows what else.

Waiting for Fenix 6 - see if worth the jump. Otherwise, will keep running my Fenix 3 into the ground.
It's all about the adventure :o .

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by alber84

the truth is that this fenix is ​​the first one I have and except the maps and the nfc payment I do not see much difference with the 5. and between 5 and 3 except battery issue and the heart rate sensor there is no big changes either. I would wait for 6

by Weenie

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by alber84

But of course, we should also keep in mind when time will pass until they get the next model. at this rate by the end of the year it is likely that they will take something new but apparently in other models, the thing is to put 3g on the watches

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