shoe covers for cold?

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by bikeboy1tr

If you purchase boots for winter stay away from the Northwave Extreme winter shoe as they are only good for above 0 degrees C. I have an older pair of the Northwave which are warmer than the new pair of Extremes unfortunately.
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by simoncx

I ordererd the chemical toe warmers and tried them a couple days ago, they were ok but considering it wasnt that cold I'm not sure how they would work near freezing. Last 2 days have been 6-7 degrees C and unfortunatey I still had a flare up just not as bad, so not really sure if winter shoes would help but I'm going to order some and give them a try. If that fails I think I'm stuck to indoor when its cold and planning 2-3 mini vacations in the winter to somewhere warm.

by Weenie

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by Thanos

Warm boots from the likes of 45Nrth will certainly help, really made a difference for my wife.

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by mattr

Or get some heated insoles. Popping them inside a winter boot does two things 1) generates heat, so even if you can't do that, you'll still have warm feet, 2) retains what heat there is.

As an added bonus, while your feet are still warm, you should still generate some of your own warmth.

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