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by Leviathan

So at the point at which I fitted into my club kit like pork mince into a sausage skin, I decided to diet

Its been going pretty well, Ive lost about 8kgs in 2 1/2 months and am now 85kgs down from 92. Could still come down some more. Im 49, dont race for the last 10 years, and am only really training to "beat" some buddies around the Mallorca 312 sportive (but although they are mostly ride guides we typically do a curry and go clubbing the night before so its not that big a deal). Getting and keeping the weight off is more important to me that upping my FTP (which is really pretty low!)

I ride about 250-300kms a week including one long ride and a couple of tough ones
Currenly Im cutting right back on Carbs, and only really having them the evening before a long ride, and being careful not to overdo it with gels etc during rides. I have some issues with muscle cramping at night but not much.

My question is, should I also, as an aide to keeping weight down, take whey protein shakes after the long rides? Or should I just carry on as I do and have a banana? Thanks in advance

by Weenie

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by LouisN

I'm about the same age as you.
I always gain about 5-6 kg during off season...
I use whey protein isolate occasionally, especially during end of winter, when the workouts become longer and harder. I mix it with almond or soy milk + juice.
After long and hard workouts ( I then add maple syrup in the mix) but also in between meals (without sugars added).
I want to believe it help me cut the cravings, and lose a few extra pounds to get back into "summer" shape.
Also, like you I cut my habit of eating a ton of carbs, and always trying to reduce food intake ( I used to eat a lot !!).

Louis :)

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by TheRich

Chocolate milk tastes better, is easier to get, and pretty effective.

When you're riding is not the time to diet. Moderation is the key to the rest of your diet.

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by TobinHatesYou

.... After rides is when taking in carbs is most effective. Your body desperately wants to replenish glycogen stores, so don't deny yourself carbs.

Stop thinking about food as protein, carbs, fats. Just eat foods that fill you up with low calorie density...aka more greens
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by TonyM

I am 53 y.o. and this winter was terrible for me! I usually have up to 5-7 lbs too much at the end of the winter that I loose in Feb/Mar but last winter I went to Mexico in a luxury all inclusive resorts and that was not good for my calorie intake. Good food, good coktails, etc...but way to many calories.....

Now it is all the days of the week like this: protein, vegetable and some fats. Almost no carbs except 2 fruits.
Only the day before a long or hard ride I take carbs to refill the body.
It works so far quite good in terms of performance (long/ hard ride) and weight loss but life would be nicer with carbs everyday ...LOL....

Keep on, you will make it!

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by Leviathan

Thanks gents, appreciate the feedback, and take the point on board about "food" versus carbs, protein etc. Love greens, especially Spinach, which my wife does with ricotta in home made Tortellini with a sage butter. (Another diet tip, dont live in your own hotel with a top Italian chef as your wife)...

by Weenie

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