Does Xert just completely ignore all activity done without a power meter?

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by Shrike

Haven't used a power meter since mid Jan, (been training on my gravel bike - endurance and some threshold work on hills etc using HR) and decided tonight to pop back on Xert to see what progress they've made. Just seen it gave me a 60 watt FTP drop as it was uploading rides. Went and had a look at my progress chart and after mid Jan it's blank and has a predicted FTP and form line which explains the 60 watt drop.

I know Xert wants you to use a power meter, but it does upload all Strava activities and has that estimated power on them. Take it it just ignores all this in it's actual calculations though?

Basically if doing a lot of work on the gravel bike I need to take out a bike with a power meter once a week and do a hard ride to keep it up to date?

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by SloRacer

Yep, I think so. It's a power based software, for calculations with power data. So I guess they ignore non power meter rides. Bad planning on their part.

by Weenie

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by calleking

You can change the decay method so that your FTP doesn't get lower and lower while riding with HR only. As far as the TSS goes (XSS) you can check your hrTSS with the Elevate chrome plugin for Strava. Not sure if Today's Plan or Training Peaks free editions give you a TSS indication from heart rate only. There's always Golden Cheetah :)

Xert said they're working on incorporating HR but it's not ready yet.

On the Xert Users group on facebook there's a guy who has managed to make custom Garmin CIQ data field for Xert that translates HR to Power. Naturally it doesn't work well for spiky efforts where your HR is delayed but for your commuting or longer endurance rides it works pretty good.

Take a look here: ... _Hs-8ibsSU
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by Shrike

Ah righty thanks. Shame. I'll keep an eye out for their HR implementation and try again if they get round to it.

That Garmin app is class :P

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