Smart trainer and coach's schedule question

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by otoman

dgasmad, I'm in the exact same boat as you. Hyper busy week days so it is all trainer all week then weekend rides outdoors. I have accounts with all three programs and a Kickr.

I ended up getting rid of my coach b/c of your issues. I made it work for a while b/c the coach put workouts on TrainingPeaks. On Zwift, you can link your TP account so that the workouts will automatically show up and you can do an erg mode workout. They are a little more motivating than JRA on Zwift b/c you get the little goal hoops to ride through and you get a bit of internval data on the screen. But that's about it. I never could watch anything else doing intensity above endurance. When trying to do a VO2 or threshold workout, I was like, "wait, does he or does he not want snakes on this motherf***ing plane?!?" :lol:

I'm a Sufferfest guy mainly, have always loved the videos for motivation. I did do TrainerRoad for a while, am still a member actually even though it's my least favorite. I tried the whole Workout Creator process but the issue is that TP does not link to TR so my coach's workouts were not easily re-created in TR. My last suggestion to him was to make my weekday workouts from any of the Sufferfest workouts. That didn't fly so I dropped him and started the free Sufferest TrainingPeaks plans (currently doing Advanced, with strength with VO2 weakness). It's great. I have made far better gains with the Sufferfest plan than I ever did with my coach slaying me with sweetspot/threshold workouts (I'm a TT-er). I tried doing TR plans for a while but I respond better to a more polarized program than what they (or my prior coach) offers.

Ultimately, I found that using a coach limited my ability to engage in intra-ride motivation causing mental and physical burnout given that I am someone who enjoys Sufferfest and responds best to polarized plans. The lack of motivation caused more failed workouts contributing to a downward spiral of worsening motivation and fitness along with increased self-loathing :P (all better now, thanks for asking). Plus I have $200 per month more in my account. Just my .02, hope that helps.
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