Xert With Strava And Running Activities

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by saadmufti


I just signed up for the Xert trial but a bit confused, it imported all my activities from the last three months from Strava, but seems to be treating even my treadmill sessions as cycling sessions, with, as far as I can tell, roughly half my running running cadence and maybe double the running speed as my cycling speed. Of course this doesn’t make any sense, anyone have any idea how I’m supposed to treat the running activities? I actually want to improve my cycling performance, so I am fine with its focus on cycling performance, but shouldn’t it recognize that my running activities (and maybe even weight training activities), affect how hard I can go in cycling training?

Also I don't have a power meter (yet) though I do have a smart trainer for my indoor sessions. Am I supposed to tag my outdoor rides which don't have power with some sort of "perceived effort" to allow it to properly plan my workouts?

Thanks in advance for any insight.

by Weenie

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by mcfarton

I think that Strava will make up your watts for the outside. It won’t be accurate but it isn’t too far off. I just loaded a run activity to Xert today and the data is wonky. You might be better off just erasing your run data from xert.

Depending on how often you ride outside without a power meter maybe detrimental to your xert profile. It really is a data driven app.

I am curious if anyone has some tips for the run data as it will effect your tss.

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by eeney

Can't help with the run data, perhaps ask on the Xert facebook forum/page.

For outdoor (I don't have power) you can guess the XSS and add it in Xert. They say you can guess it from the duration and perceived effort... however I find that I can use calories burnt in Strava as a good guide.... for me, looking at indoor workouts I can see that 10 calories in strava = 1.5 XSS in Xert for a tough ride, easy riding 10 Strava calories = 1 XSS... note that's how it works out for me. It's probably unique to each person based on fitness and weight.

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