Who's doing what this winter - TrainerRoad, Zwift, Sufferfest, Xert etc?

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by TobinHatesYou

If you’ve added 35W to your FTP since the start of January, then my question is where was your starting point and where do you see your end point? Those kinds of gains are where I’d say training plans don’t mean much. I still say joining Zwift races of the appropriate category and just trying to keep up with the lead group as long as you can presents a pretty good mix of short and medium-short intervals.

The one weird trick to Zwift is not to use the workout module or just free ride. Join some group rides or races that will challenge you. Try not to get dropped. Get dropped. Try again.

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by mcfarton

I have found a good training rhythm on zwift. Between group rides and races I have challenged myself and made gains. On top of that it has been entertaining.

On the other hand I really want to ride outside but I don’t see it happening soon.

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by Weenie

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by PokojniToza

TobinHatesYou wrote:
Sun Feb 17, 2019 11:27 am

The one weird trick to Zwift is not to use the workout module or just free ride. Join some group rides or races that will challenge you. Try not to get dropped. Get dropped. Try again.
This may well be true, but in my case it is inapplicable. I am using a dirt cheap trainer (Tacx Blue Matic) and the power you can produce on it is seriosly limited by Zwift (380W) so I get dropped all the time, so I stick to the structured plans. Due to the power limitations above, the progress on Zwift does not translate well in the real world, but at least I have improved my cadence.

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by bilwit

Can't stand more than 4 week blocks of Trainer Road.. every time I try a plan and get to that 4 week mark my morale and motivation drops off a cliff and I get so sick of being on the trainer so I decided to stop and spend another four weeks riding unstructured outside and repeat the whole process again. Done this three times now since July. Fitness-wise, I actually saw a solid 15W at the peak but after a long lull last month and the spending the last two weeks completely off of it I feel back at square one. Progress is tough to come by.

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by RyanH

I just got back from two weeks in Kansas City, which I brought my bike and a trainer with cause I have a problem. I found Zwift to be a lifesaver, particularly the races. I managed to do efforts in Zwift that I would struggle to do on my own on the road (from a motivational standpoint). The A races are nuts, but that's also partly since I haven't fully learned the art of drafting in Zwift. The other night my avg w/kg was the highest in the group even though we finished together so there is some type of stickiness factor to drafting.


This was Sunday, while not as great as being on the road, I was very pleased with my effort and was hyper focused on staying in the pack so I completely put aside the monotony of riding indoors.


The thing that makes Zwift great is that you have to focus on holding wheels, that coupled with it being an intense effort, it becomes no different than a maximal effort group ride...except you don't coast.

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by IsabelleFoissard

I live near the French Alps right now, so I'm giving mountain biking pretty hard. I am happy about it and it motivates me. I stay fit and weigh properly.

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by TurboTommy

My own preference is for zwift over TrainerRoad. I don't dislike TrainerRoad. I've used it a fair bit in the past. And I'm sure that because the training plans are more focussed you could argue it's more optimal. But for me the fact I enjoy zwift racing so much more means I'm much more motivated by it so it that sense it is much more optimal to me. Courses like the 'Surrey hill' in London. And the new Yorkshire course make for excellent intervals / races. As some of you have said rolling and flat courses still make for great sessions in races because of the constant bursts of power you need to stay in the group or attack.
And 'road to sky' gives you a nice warm up before you hit the alpe and try to beat your previous power / time record.

So this winter I'll be doing around 3 races a week on zwift as well as short recovery rides. And weather permitting one 50-70 mile, low intensity ride outside a week.

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