cadence conspiracy

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by betwo

There are many styles of climbing, some with cadence, others with force but climbing to 90 RPM is a challenge, at least for me

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by rlpaul

Depends what you call high cadence.

I think 20+ years ago, 90 RPM would have been considered high cadence, but then 50-70 was more common. If you're saying 85-90 is not high cadence, and people are talking about 70 as being 'normal'... maybe the goalposts have moved at some point?

by Weenie

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by quadzilla

Honestly i think people should just ride what there comfortable at. This morning I rode a 12 mile tt and my average cadence was 108rpm. I think a lot of people have never tried spinning. additionally I only spin that fast if I am at or above threshold. On normal cruisy ride ill do an average cadence of ~70 rpm and on the climbs keep it t around 80 rpm.

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by boots2000

Climbing cadence comes down to multiple factors.
1.) Your preferred cadence- some are not wired for high cadence. Some are not wired for low cadence.
2.) The cadence that you train at- cadence is somewhat trainable.
3.) Length and grade of climbs.
4.) Bike setup- weight tires, and available gearing.

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by petromyzon

I remember 1 case on Ventoux when he attacked in the saddle at very high cadence. I thought at the time that it might be because he did not want to risk a front shift at a critical time when he knew that after 30sec-1min he would be back in the little ring. IIRC (I've not ridden them) Osymmetrics are more prone to chain drops.

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