Bread and Butter interval sessions

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by apex

In full disclosure I am a self-coached (and I use that term loosely) masters athlete. I prefer to keep my training sessions simple rather than get caught up in some of the very complex and specific interval sessions that are offered through a variety of training platforms. I might be getting cynical in my old age but I feel that some of these sessions are more based on gimmick than based on any evidence. I would like to know what your favorite go to interval session is. Here is my short list:
  • The classic 2 x 20 - I like to do theses at sweetspot
    8 minutes on 2 minutes rest repeated 4 times seems to be very popular protocol in a lot of research papers. With a total of 32 minutes of work I try and do these at just slightly over threshold
    40 sec on/20 sec off (2 sets of 10) - Done at 120% of FTP

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by claus

What are you trying to achieve?

by Weenie

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by glepore

Thats a good start. 4x4 at 115-120% is another I'd add.
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by Priit

Well, basic exercises for master athlete (road, MTB)cyclist:

Aerobic capacity work: 2-5 min intervals, e.g. 5x3 min sets done 3-4 times, also sets of 30 sec on-30 sec off or similar;
Anaerobic treshold and sweetspot work: 2-4 x 15-30 min;
Aerobic treshold work: 1 x 2-4 hours.

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by Jere


You did not say your age if in your late 50s early 60s ?
My biggest improvement was working on my 5 min power however my 20/45 min Power has always been good.
Do not forget healthy proteins.
Good luck

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