Am I overtrained, or something else?

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by AW84

zefs wrote:
Mon Jul 02, 2018 8:32 pm
Do you have the correct nutrition plan to support your program? Might want to check your iron,D and B12 levels.
I don't have a specific diet plan, but again, this is only about 9 hours a week on average. It's not much volume or intensity.

by Weenie

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by FLtrooper

To the OP... I recently suffered a similar experience and was also scratching my head. I always try for 200+ miles a week and started noticing a high heart rate for less effort and serious fatigue that started about 3 months ago. I changed my diet and adding more rest days yet I was still suffering. Ultimately, I recently went in for a physical and blood work discovered my iron levels were deficient. My total iron count was around 50 and my Ferritin below 30. I have since started supplementing iron per my GP and seem to be feeling better. I plan to have my levels rechecked in a month or so.

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by onemanpeloton

Do some reading about HRV.

It's a more reliable way then resting HR for measuring how recovered you are.

It may not tell you WHY you feel crap, but it will give you an indication every day of whether your body is ready for the stress you plan on putting it through
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by Lewn777

OP I read your first post carefully. Holy shit that sounds scary. I think you could have some kind of infection or some kind of severe deficiency. Get bloodwork done and fix it ASAP.

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by sleep

I found one data is useful if you have a continous HR monitor watch to monitor the avg heart rate through out the night. Get a baseline of your normal sleeping HR rate. In my case, I could clear tell that I did not fully recovered by looking at HR rate higher than normal.

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by dim

blood pressure?
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by AJS914

AW84, did you ever figure this out?

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