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by LouisN

I just bought a track bike :).
Plan is to try a few track events later this summer/early fall.
I want to include a few specific workouts in my weekly routine ( on the road bike, outside) so I would be prepared for these types of efforts.
I won't be able to use the track bike on our provincial track but a few times, it's wayy too far from my place :(
Anything to suggest to include ? Thanks for the suggestions :beerchug:
Oh ! The events are multiple:
200m match sprint
500m TT (masters distance)
3000m pursuit (masters distance)
Points race
Tempo race
Elimination race
Scratch race

Louis :)

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by istigatrice

Depends on how serious you are, if you're just mixing it up with the road just make sure you ride on the track a fair bit. Doens't have to be the track you're going to race on, but just get a feel for how the track rides, and how different tracks differ. Being able to accelerate on the banking and starts are nice skills to have which don't really depend on endurance/strength/speed

I'd also suggest that it would be impossible to focus on all of those events as some are power events and others require a touch of endurance. My approach would be to focus on the 3000m pursuit and hope that it crosses over well into the bunch races.

So early on in the season I'd suggest working on strength (gym and bike) it might be worth getting a strength coach who's familiar with cycling if you're not sure what you need to work on. I'd start working on speed mid/late season and hopefully this will give you enough power to do a solid TT. Hopefully this crosses over well to your bunch racing, and maybe even the 500 if you had a good season in the gym.

Not sure if it helps, I'm assuming you're fairly fit from road riding, from my experience roadies suffer in terms of strength at the track since the events are so short.
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by Weenie

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by topflightpro

For the Mass Start and IP, you can follow pretty much any plan related to crits and TTs and get pretty good results.

For the Sprints and TT, that's a whole different ball game. Check out the blog UpUpUp for more information:

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