sufferfest training plans?

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by are

Anyone using the sufferfest training plans? I've been using trainerroad and I like it - the format works well for me. Before embarking on a new training block I was wondering if I should try something else and I happened to see that sufferfest has full training plans now. I'd be curious to know what sort of experiences people have had.


by Weenie

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by tomee

doesnt sufferfest have a 7day free trial?

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by moonoi

I've tried it and found it to be pretty good, especially the update earlier this year that actually allows you to import the training plan in to TrainingPeaks, helped a lot for not having to manually enter everything (and invariably forget/miss something).

Haven't gone back to Trainer Road since...

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by Shrike

I was weighing this up last night also. Sufferfest put a lot of new plans out yesterday and I want to start an 8 week power building block. Something where I can do my most intense work on Tues and Thursday, then something easier on Wednesday and then have two big weekend rides. Hard 2/3 hours on Sat, longer 4hr+ on Sunday. Sufferfest's new plans are all about this it seems. But after a quick look at a VO2 weakness Adv weakness one it seems to float around and doesn't stick to the format, unlike TR which is unrelentingly methodical. That sort of put me off the SUF plan, but going back again today for a deeper look.

Trainerroad is tested and proven and I've used it before a couple of times. You can see the intervals gradually increasing week on week, either in duration or intensity. SUF doesn't have that I think as it's limited by its videos. Have been playing a lot with Xert, really loving it, like my new best friend, but it's polarised training, so it's not great for prescribing a really intense and progressive 8 week block.

Zwift also has a new training plan update, so I'm going to look at those and see how well they're done.

Going to spin easy for a few days now and work out what to try. TR is the no-brainer, but intellectually lazy option. Would like to try something new for the comparison.

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by robertbb

Sometimes the no-brainer option is the best one. This is my first winter season with TR and I must say, I'm loving it.

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by otoman

Having used all three, Zwift, TR and SUF, I find the Sufferfest most engaging and motivating from the standpoint of the individual workouts. I agree the training plans are most methodical on TR with quite a few options. The Zwift training plans are paltry in comparison.

I wanted to point out that when TR talks about VO2, they pretty much always seem to use 120% of your LT. I don't want to get into a flame war here so please read this with an open mind. Some people have a low LT relative to VO2, some a high LT relative to VO2. It tends to be that newer riders have a lower LT relative to VO2 and more experienced/trained riders have pushed their LT up closer to their genetic potential of their VO2. In otherwords, pushing 120% of LT is going to be easier for the newer rider than somewhat more experienced riders. TR does market themselves to people that are just starting down the road of an organized training plan. They do well with this, are good at it and do make a lot of people faster....

So if you are getting in to plans on TR with a bit of VO2 work, don't feel bad if you have to knock the percentage down a bit those days. I don't know what SUF uses there, but I have always found the VO2 workouts doable on SUF and TR VO2 workouts killer to the point that I can't complete them. Perhaps the 4D test on SUF makes the difference....
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by TheKaiser

otoman wrote:
Fri Jun 08, 2018 7:03 pm
Perhaps the 4D test on SUF makes the difference....
Yeah, that seems to be exactly what they are trying to do with 4D, so that each of those thresholds and maxes can be set on an individual basis. It makes intuitive sense that these values would vary from person to person, both because of individual genetics, or, as you point out, training status and experience.

Of course it remains to be seen how well they are able to execute this whole 4D system, so it is great to hear these real world user reports on the various options, and in particular, comparisions between them from people who have used both.

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by Shrike

Spent the weekend thrashing all the options over and Sufferfest ended up being the most complete and as stated above, engaging, of all current options. One huge caveat however, and it's a big one - ERG mode wouldn't work with my smart trainer over bluetooth and iOS. Sufferfest support reckon sometime after a couple of weeks from now this will be sorted, but in the meantime it means gear changing and less than optimal intervals.

Reasons for going with SUF for my next training block.

Visuals (previously I'd have TR and Zwift subs running at the same time)
Yoga (tried a couple of these and they're actually really good and short. The basic stretches made me realise how incredibly stiff and sore I am all over)
Plans that sync nicely with TrainingPeaks and do actually seem well thought out.
4DP (really believe in this concept and I think TrainerRoad have slacked off on not implementing this by now)

The 4DP test puts me down as a pursuiter with sustained power weakness. Problem is, my form was piss as I took the test in a rush on Sunday. Cracked during the 20min and 1min tests and those two are around 20w and 200 watts lower than they should be to work effectively (I know this from my power curve on several other sites). You can manually adjust however, and don't need to retake the test.

Tried a mental video too from the SUF library and it was great actually.

by Weenie

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