Distal Radius Fracture - When to expect to be on bike again?

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by 3Pio

Hi there

As some of u maybe know, i had a crash on 10th of May, which lead me to Distal Radius Fracture (like inch from the wrist).

I got to hospital where they reset my bone (that was painfull a lot...), and put me plaster cast for 6 weeks.

Now almost 4 weeks passed, 2 to go... (i will have third X Ray control in 3 days, the X-Rays made one week post crash, then second week were both fine).

I started to ride trainer for about 45 min's per day 15 days after the crash (and as i got confirmed that my arm is still in proper position in that time).

Until few days ago i was moving fingers slightly, but thumb was stiff and could not touch thumb and next finger. Then three days ago,i start moving fingers and thumb as much as i can and now the thumb is not that stiff and i can press both fingers together (i even succeed to lace my shoes). Also can feel my grip is much better. I feel some pain, but i guess it's muscles, ligaments beeing so stiff without more movement, since still plaster cast...

I expect plaster cast to be removed on 6th week (in 2 weeks time), and after that to start excersises to get my muscles back and movement back..

What is real expectation that i could ride my bike again? Is it too optimistic to ride 15 days after plaster removed? Any advices to be on back in faster time?


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by eforce123

most of us are anxious to get back to doing the sports we love and often overdo it. So I would continue down the path of healing and listen to your body (wrist).
If it was me I would take epa/dha, but this is already part daily routine to stay healthy and fight inflammation. Also ginger and turmeric (black pepper to absorb the turmeric)

the list is endless haha

by Weenie

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by onemanpeloton

ask the doctor?
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by 3Pio

onemanpeloton wrote:ask the doctor?
Of course i asked Doctor :) But based on my experience, sometimes their opinion is based on average peoples, not some one who do sports a lot.So that's why im curious about opinion here as well

crazy brit
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by crazy brit

I was in a similar boat at one time (broken wrist, doctor telling me not to use it).
As part of my wrist rehabilitation I went to a sports physiotherapy clinic, they got me back on the bike ASAP whilst respecting the injury,and it has been pain free with full mobility for 15 years since

Caveat - I had (have) a metal plate and screws holding it together, so even whilst still healing the wrist was supported/strong which helped speed things up....

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by Orbital

Don’t be afraid to use it. Let pain be your guide. A few years ago I fractured my ankle in a high speed collision with the boards playing hockey. 3 months to heal and another 9 months to be pain free in my skates. I broke both my feet in early December and was back riding the bike after 6-7 weeks and on the ice again after 8 weeks. I did physio with a sports therapist both times and really pushed thru some pain.

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by Bigger Gear

As a guy who grew up racing motocross, I can say that no two wrist fractures are even close to the same even in the same location or affected bones. The best thing, IMO, is to find a sports physiotherapist who understands cycling and your injury. Most of the time, the surgeon and/or doctor will not really understand fully the impact of the injury on the specific activity. Having said all this, a distal radius fracture is generally one of the "better" wrist fractures if it is not complicated. Much better than the scaphoid, lunate, or triquetral bones which can be notoriously slow to heal. Especially the scaphoid....that injury has ruined many a professional motocross racer's career.

by Weenie

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by 3Pio

Seem that things will go faster then it was planned. Yesterday was 4 weeks check control, and doctor decide that plaster cast can be removed. First plan was 5-6 weeks.

He advice to stay still for week, then to start some hand excersises and to start rehab after week. He did not say anything about wrist brace support in meanwhile, so i asked second opionion which suggested Bauerfeind brace support which i start using today :)

Hope i'll be able to start swimming at least in a week, as step before back to cycling. BTW, i feel my hand so stiff and painfull when i try to move, but normal after 4 week plaster cast.

Also arm suprisinly dont look very weak as i expected. So hope to be back soon :)

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