freeware / cheap / open source software to analyse workout files

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by rynogee

does anyone know of any freeware or cheap software to analyse workout files (specifically from a wahoo bolt). I'm keen to see all my different data/metrics it collects, specifically broken down by laps.

I use training peaks, but don't pay for the premium version and don't really want to (I pay a coach as much as I'm prepared to spend on that stuff as it stands). So can't see it this way.

ridewithgps wants $, not sure about strava (and don't care for it really), my element app on the phone doesn't break everything down (and doesn't work on a pc anyway), so I'm looking for other web or PC based apps (preferred over some ongoing 'service') that will do it.

I figure I generate the bloody data, I paid for the GPS unit (and ridiculously marked up accessories), i should be able to read my damn data without paying someone else to show it to me(!). but here I am, looking for something to do it.

by Weenie

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by AndreLM


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by rynogee

oh wow, perfect. thanks heaps for that!

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by bigfatty

notepad, once you have conveted the data to CSV from the FIT developer tools :lol:

moer seriously, another recommendation for Golden Cheetah from me

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by Kermark

I can suggest you couple real good software by using the trial version of them for 1-2 month - ... -software/. If you need more information I can mail you, or send a message in PM
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by PokojniToza

I don't have the full version of Strava, but I use a free add-on called Stravistix for additional stats.

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by jlok

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by TheRich

OP has a power meter, right?

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by Suppersppy

I just published my review of the Stages Dash L50. The reason I mention this is because the first half of the review is where the really interesting stuff is. Forget the head unit (it's a good option but that's not the point) and take a look at the website they built to go with it. Stages-Link uses Today's Plan as it's backend but it's free, works with heart rate and/or power data, and it has tons of analysis. Not to mention you could use it to replace Ride With GPS and Strava if you wanted. ... -dash-l50/

by Weenie

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by leejhayward

Golden Cheetah appears to be the gold standard as regards free analysis tools. It's a little complex to get to grips with initially, but thereafter it's ok. There are some good youtube tutorials on basic features from some power users.

I would also recommend elevate and stravastix plug-ins for Chrome to get more data from your strava account.

Although you said free, Training Peaks has some offer codes which can allow you to get 40% off. So I paid about £52 for the year and I find the whole package great in regards the planning, analysis and review of my training schedule.

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