Anaerobic intervals decreasing FTP?

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by st0tan

I've read conflicting information regarding the effect of primarily anaerobic intervals (ex. 1 minute sprint w/ 5 minutes recovery) on FTP. Some sources say this type of anaerobic work will decrease aerobic power due to its emphasis on anaerobic energy systems while others say the opposite. Any ides which stance is correct?

by Weenie

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by jlok

open a Xert free trial account, sync your year round data to, see how your interval affects TP according to their algorithm. Or pay up and use WKO4+ and see the mFTP.

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by Ghost234

If you are solely doing this type of workout, don't expect an increase in FTP or at least not a significant one. It is not that anaerobic efferts reduce aerobic power, it is simply due to specificity. With that level of rest you are going full gas on 1 minute power. That won't likely get you up to vo2 max.

If you were to reduce those rest intervals, or increase the duration you would likely see a larger effect on FTP. One workout I might suggest is 3 efforts of 5x90 seconds ON, 60 seconds off. 5 minutes between efforts. To progress you can (1) increase the power, (2) increase duration of effort, (3) increase interval count, or (4) reduce rest time.

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