How to stay in form *without* a bike?

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by IchDien

Due to unforseen circumstances it looks like I'll be without my bike for about three weeks. I have seen my fitness drop off substantially even after a two week break...

So the question is how can I stay relatively in shape without my bike? Obviously I know that simple cardio etc will work and keep an overall base but is there anything you guys have worked out which is a bit more cycling specific?

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by AJS914

Do you have access to a gym?

This winter I lived in a snowy place for the first time. I joined a gym and did lots of circuit training, stretching, and core work. I also rode the trainer a few times a week and did some cross country skiing. After three months of winter, I felt great getting back on the bike. The weight training and core work have been very beneficial.

If you don't have a gym membership, many places often have a teaser deal of a free month.

by Weenie

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by Ghost234

If there is snow where you live, XC skiing is fantastic. Especially skate skiing. Quite a few top tier riders in my area all XC ski for long portions of the winter. Running also works to an extent, but alone it doesn't seem to quite work that well.

A friend of mine did crossfit quite a bit this last year and seems to be fairly fit on the bike. I hate crossfit, but it seems to work for him.

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by jfranci3

I'm not a big fan of running. For my body, running wants different muscle and tendon tightness. A break might be a good idea if you're not training for something specific. Stairs and hilly hikes are a similar leg workout and everywhere.

One thing that might be fun, P90x training vids.

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by themidge

Eat lots of cake so you have plenty of energy for when you get your bike back? :wink:

In all seriousness though, three weeks is really not that long. If you are/were pretty fit to begin with, your fitness should come back fairly quickly once you get back into riding again. Maybe it's because I'm young, but I frequently take more than a week or two off riding due to school or a holiday with no bike or whatever, and I find it quite easy to get back into things. As @jfranci3 mentioned, a break can be good.
Don't stress unless you have a big event coming up in 4 weeks :D.

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