Living near sea level, training for a 31mile climb to altitude advice please?

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by scant

Hi All
2years ago I rode the "whole enchilada" in moab utah. most people get shuttle driven up to 10,000feet, then climb to 11,400, then descend 26miles offroad! which was an amazing experience & the longest downhill I've ever ridden.

At home in the UK we obviously dont have mountains anywhere near that big. I do all my rides from home but the biggest mountain is 2900ft, several mountains around 2500ft & then constant hills in quick succession around 1500-1800ft. The longest single climb around here is just under 2hrs, offroad, mostly draggy, but occasionally very steep over 25%., but nothing longer than 2hrs. I'd say the average climb is 30mins long.

I love climbing & specifically love long mtb 10-12hr/ 100miler rides in summer, but its rare to go much over 10000ft of total climbing in a day. This weekend I plan to do a 5.5hr/47miles/7000ft loop which i'll find hard, but enjoyable as a fitness guideline (we've only just got ride of deep snow, so the last 2weeks have been pretty low mileage)

as we drove up to 11,400ft in moab i wondered if people ever do the full climb. I searched online & people have ridden the 31miles 7000ft near constant climb. I'm considered by my friends & previous race results in the late 90s to be a strong climber, but the next planned moab trip will be 2months before my 45th birthday does have me doubting myself. partly as i've never ridden 31 constant miles uphill/7000ft at altitude. I notice the effects of altitude from around 7200ft.

I'm fairly fit for this time of year. I've got 7months till the trip & I'm lucky enough to have a lot of time to ride. what would I need to be doing to be able to survive the climb AND enjoy the downhill? any advice appreciated! thanks


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by n1ey

I just rode 25mi up Mt Lemmon from 2k to 9.2k. I live in New England. So we just don't have 25mile climbs. It was actually 30 miles to the top, but the Strava is only for the first 25mi.

I focused on maintaining a steady state. I started slower than normal. I aimed for consistency and I did not worry about making top speed. I a 3.5 w/kg rider. I had a 34/32 gearing combo. I would have preferred a 34/36. It would have helped on the cadence.


by Weenie

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