Garmin connect, slowly sapping my will to live!

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by brackc

Generally I don't have sync issues with the edge 520 and my phone, however when I do I reset the connection to garmin by:
DELETE the app off your phone
delete the bluetooth connection on the phone
re-download the app
re-pair the device with BT
This means your phone has a new connection with the garmin servers and so will generally fix sync issues, unless there's another underlying problem with software on the devices not playing together, in which case you'll need to wait for a software update. Just un-pairing the bluetooth connection doesn't do anything on it's own. Also opening the garmin app on the phone directly can force a sync to occur. Unfortunately I had to email garmin for this level of troubleshooting support, as this isn't listed on their website guide (why not garmin, WHY NOT!)

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by pdlpsher1

95% of the time I have no connectivity issues with my 520. But 5% of the time the BT would not pair and I have to so the settings on my iPhone and hit ‘connect’. Once connected the ride will upload automatically. Why this happens I have no clue. I’ve also found that the ride will never upload automatically if I have poor or no internet connection. But even with excellent internet the BT fails to pair 5% of the time.

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by Weenie

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by KCookie

I'm having the same problem to, after each ride I have to manually download the ride from my laptop to strava. Quite annoying especially if I don't have time straight away to do it. Tried re -pairing, deleting all sorts, just doesn't want to work.

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by TonyM

I always read all the problems with Garmin but I personally can‘t complain with my Edge 820 (I have done all updates however). Everything is working fine - except the incident detection notification which is often activated when I brake to hard on my disc brakes

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