Setting left / right imbalance manually in garmin 520?

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by nemeseri

So I have two headunits, an older pioneer one and a garmin 520. I have a dual pioneer PM and a right only one. I do have significant imbalance between my legs (2-4%). In the pioneer headunit, I can set the imbalance manually, meaning my power numbers won't get inflated because of my imbalance. Is this possible somehow with Garmin Edge 520?

TLDR; During hard intervals, my left / right balance is 46/54. With the right only PM, this gives me inflated power numbers during intervals up to 8%. This is significant enough to skew TSS during a long session.

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by Rubik

Most people do not have set imbalances. You say yours is a particular number during hard intervals, but I imagine that's different for an ftp interval versus a v02. And it may be different again for an easy ride. I know my balance goes all over the place depending both on the intensity and where that intensity falls in a ride (with fatigue).

I wouldn't bother, personally.

I wouldn't get too hung up on TSS either. I did 114 TSS in one hour the other day just by doing 6 x 30s. 3 minutes of max riding gave me 114 TSS in one hour! Can be useful in some regards, but shouldn't be the basis for any training decisions, in my opinion. Lot's more important to consider than that.
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by Weenie

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by hogehoge

You would like to rescale the right only setup to match your true numbers from the dual setup?
It might be possible to change the crank length in Garmin, but it depends on the power meter.

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