Elite "My E Training" app - no power, but only on "level mode". Anyone else?

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by Rudi

Just got a new smart trainer (from Elite). I've downloaded their app (iOS phone and tablet) and used the year free subscription that came in the box. Got everything set up correctly I believe, I have no external power, cadence or speed sensors so am relying on the trainer for all of that. Using Bluetooth.

In the app, I have the same device as the CSC sensor, cadence sensor and power sensor (not sure what the CSC sensor is).

The weird bit
Using "power mode", I see speed, power and cadence
Using "program mode", I see speed, power and cadence
Using "level mode", it doesn't show me power.

Is that right?

It is obviously getting the power for the other two, but I was expecting "level mode" to be the harder you pedal, the more watts it shows.
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by jfranci3

First of all, don't use their software it's horrible.

Second Bluetooth and ANT+ are made for single pairing, so you can only use receiver at a time. You may also need an USB extension cord because the range is only about 3'.

Third - I'd download the Zwift IOS app and test with that.

My Elite trainer came out of the box mis-calibrated for speed-cadence. I could never get it to where it needed to be. Good Luck!

by Weenie

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