Training Tire and which pressure to use?

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by 3Pio

I got few weeks ago, Kinetic Road Machine trainer and Vittoria Zafiro Pro Home Trainer tire.

Using Trainerroad as training software. On the tire sidewall reccomended tire pressure is 7-10 bar.

I first started with 7.5 bar, and tensins set 2.5 turns after the touching of tire with trainer flywheel.

Then i read that a lot of people use less pressure (7.0 bar), and also got the same recommandation from trainerroad support so i redone my FTP test again with this pressure (the first time i did not have real FTP since i was still sick).

In meanwhile i got another response from different operator from trainerroad to stick to 10 bar as close as possible.

Yesterday while riding 95-105% FTP intervals, i noticed that maybe there is some slipping of tire when i accelerate hard (i cant hear any squeking noise, just can see the power numbers need some time until they go up after i start pushing on the pedals..)

As powermeter source im using INRIDE, and calibrating every ride (im riding for 10 minutes, then calibrate, then continue my workout after that).

My logic tell me that better grip will be with lower pressure (7 bars), but when i do the tire slipping test (turning the wheel with the hand for 1/4 turn back and forth), look like less slipping with a bit higher pressure (8 bar) (i cant see the slipping on this test, just hear the squeking of tire, which is more on 7 bar and less on 8 bar).

So how tire pressure influent slipping?

What will be the pros/cons of higher pressure? And same question for lower pressure?

And since i done FTP test on 7 bar, if i realize that i need to go with higher pressure, would be necessary to retest it again with the new tire pressure, or since im calibrating every ride, that would work without need for a new FTP test?


by Weenie

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