PAIN Cave Set Up. What's Yours? Photos Please!

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by TonyM

Dannnnn wrote:99% finished now:

Looks good BUT how do you get fresh air??

by Weenie

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by robertbb

Took the word cave kinda literally there dude.

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by mcfarton

I bet that tunnel gets hot fast. A vent fan or at least a dehumidifier is a good plan. My guess is that space will get thick in less than 30 minutes.

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by Dannnnn

I haven't used it yet. When I'm in there I'll have the door open (where the photos were taken from)

I'm hoping that the fans blow enough of the air backwards towards the door to keep it fresh enough.

In winter it gets fairly cold in there so I'm not too worried about the heat. I'm going to see how it goes but I may get a dehumidifier to keep it a bit drier.

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by kgibbo1868

The shed works pretty good.

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