Strava cheaters

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by antonioiglesius

For professional cyclists, I don't compare them based on their Strava efforts, I look at their world tour rankings, e.g.

by Weenie

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

glam2deaf wrote:
AJS914 wrote:Hilarious. Nobody owns KOMs. So many gems in this post:

Brendan Edwards
Your rides are solely based around stealing KOM’s, and the level of planning and obsession that goes into your hunts is quite high, and don’t buy for a second that you don’t specifically target my KOM’s. There have been far too many times when you have made the conscious decision to pick one of my segments and put yourself deep in the pain cave to take me down. You choose which one’s you go for, and obviously you’ve taken a liking to mine as there’s no one else who you’ve even stolen a fraction of what you’ve stolen from me. You claim that it’s nothing personal, but how can explain doing what you’ve done over a 16 month period? I’ve taken your beating. There’s been close to 40 of them. There is something seriously wrong with you if you can’t recognise that your actions are causing me pain, and I don’t know how to get through to you to stop. This is not a game, and you have gone well and truly overboard. Just because I have a large number of KOM’s shouldn’t give you licence to devote what has been close to a year and a half of your life to taking me down. Seriously what are you getting from this? I’m not your enemy. I haven’t stolen a single KOM off you, and frankly I’ve got better things to do with my time. I’ve taken your beating and kept quiet, but everything you have written above indicates that you intend to keep your one sided war going, and wouldn't be surprised if you are already planning your next attack on my segments. Seriously stop. Do you get pleasure in making enemies on Strava? What have i done to deserve this treatment from you? You never answered that. You just babbled on about how you have a right to steal everybody's KOM's because they're public property. and obviously because I have many, this gives you licence to steal them all..... There's enough segments out there that you can happily steal off others for years and years to come. As to your crack about the pot calling the kettle black. I've set-up over 800 segments over the years. The majority of mine I created. Not stolen,

Holy shit, this is probably the funniest strava comment I've ever seen. This guy is deranged

No, he's actually unwell.

I don't know him personally, but plenty of my Melbourne mates do. He's done a lot for cycling within the community however has been sadly suffering from some mental health issues. I'm sure if he were in a better state of mind his comments would have been more balanced (or not commented at all) only that didn't happen. What did happen was everyone piled it, thought it would be hilarious to turn it in to a circus and rip the guys to shreds. Then the chumps at Cycling Weekly created some clickbait out of it and broadcast to the world what was a (somewhat) private interaction.

Personally I was pretty appalled by the whole thing and Scott at least made the ride private after I appealed to him. Sadly the events haven't helped Brenden, but hopefully getting back on the bike and friends showing him part of his self worth isn't tied up in KOMs will aid in the healing process.

Like our parents warn us, there are two sides to every story. And feel free to rip me for taking this stance, I really do not mind.

AJS914 wrote:You'd thing algorithms to flag rides would be a piece of cake for them. Unfortunately, they don't seem to give a crap about a lot of the stuff the membership cares about.

Is why I'll never pay for premium. I live and ride along some routes used by tourists all the time. Have given up caring about the umpteenth person to take a segment because their Garmin was left on. Strava don't recognise it. I don't get lost KOM notifications for them (or any segments nowadays). So they're kidding if they think I'll pay for what is a service that feels like it is regressing.

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by Zoro

JackRussellRacing wrote:
chipomarc wrote:The upcoming E Bikes will totally ruin what's left of Strava enjoyment.

+1 I firmly believe that wearing an HRM and/or power meter (I know it's somewhat financially unfair) are the only methods to judge a person's actual Strava segment. Suck a wheel in a 25mph group ride? Strava virtual power is too dumb to properly display it. But a power meter and/or HRM sure makes it easy to spot.

Why a PM?
-PowerTap on the rear of an e-bike = no solution.

I think the better solution is add fields to self report.
Just check boxes...
-Group Ride
-Holding onto a car.

Ultimately Strava is still the honor system.

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by glam2deaf

Tinea Pedis wrote:No, he's actually unwell.

I believe it. I know how bad the internet can be when you're unwell. Probably should be able to recognise the signs by now. That CW article was way too far

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

It was rubbish, gutter 'journalism' for a publication only weeks out from the "token female" fiasco.

I'm not surprised they ran an article like that. The public (including a cycling coach) enabling them made it worse.

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by Rubik

Lelandjt wrote:No to north alaska, yes to pro. Before Strava I'd use a handlebar mounted timer and a notebook to keep track of times. Now Strava replaces those but I rarely use it when I'm not going the fastest I can on a segment.

You're a pro what?
Cat 1

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by Lelandjt

Enduro racer, still doing some pro DH and XC. During the winter I road ride a lot and do random races in Hawaii.

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by craddlepig

I've got a question for anyone who knows how Strava works.

Got a few KOMs taken by the same guy and when I look on his ride he uses a Garmin 500 or 520 but no temperature profile is shown, but on some of his other rides it is, have these rides been manipulated, is he cheating? or am I just a sore loser :?

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by Miller

I don't know any easy way to tell, but...
- are his other segments and average speed consistent with getting a contested KoM?
- does he get lots of comments and kudos, what's the tone if so?
- does he ever ride with other people, what do their versions of the same ride look like?

That's my guide to stalking someone on Strava, lol.

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by AJS914

I just moved to a new area and had to police all the nearby segments. It was easy to find the obvious cheats - ebikes and people who forget to stop their garmin after they put their bike on their car. Driving through town at 40-50mph is easy to spot. The e-bike guy was going doing a sustained 35-45mph with a resting heart rate of 118bpm and his profile showed he wasn't a serious rider. After I found him I went to his KOM page and flagged all of them.

I also look at the person's profile. I also know all the fast riders in town so if I see their names I don't question it. If someone was going to do a sophisticated cheat I probably wouldn't be able to spot it.

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by PokojniToza

People here do KOMs in group rides. I do them with a nice tailwind. I do not think any of us is cheating. Ultimately, it's just a good fun.

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by peted76

Hell, it really takes all sorts doesn't it. Strava, Zwift, even PM's just for comparing yourself..not for training.. I have very few KOM's on strava, but the odd time I do pick one up it feels pretty nice. A mate of mine got a smart trainer and rides on zwift with an 'alarming' wattage.. why kid yourself, I just don't get it.

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by kode54

There's a rider in a local group who brags about KoMs and PRs on Strava. He even boasts about his 'alarming' wattage on Zwift. But when it comes time on a group ride, he notoriously sucks wheel 99% of the time and gets dropped off the back on climbs. The proof is in the pudding.
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by guyc

I see people who seem to pump out 300w average on Zwift and who then manage 145w averages on actual road rides. Puzzling.

by Weenie

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by Dannnnn

guyc wrote:
Tue Feb 26, 2019 5:08 pm
I see people who seem to pump out 300w average on Zwift and who then manage 145w averages on actual road rides. Puzzling.
Thing is a lot of people who are on zwift don't have a PM for outdoors (I certainly don't)
So Strava does the whole "power estimation" thing.

Mine will be similar to what you see.
On the Neo on zwift I can ride at 240w for over an hour. Outdoors Strava would estimate my power at like 140w.

No cheating, just lack of equipment....

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