Strava cheaters

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by Rubik

boots2000 wrote:Who cares?

Since when did Strava become reality?

My strava KOMs are more "famous" than my actual race wins. At least I've had far, far more people I don't know or seldom see mention something on Strava versus an actual race result.

Everyone can strava, only a few try to race.

So a lot of people care. Clearly.
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by Rubik

Wormiez wrote:
tomee wrote:not saying this guy is a cheater but 99% of his rides he claims KOM's day after day

We have a similar rider here -

This kid been taking alot of KOM's

There are certain TT segments that only pro's can maintain such wattage - For example - ... 4776924136

The first page has only 2-3 koms that are over a minute. Not like he's going out and throwing down something crazy. Short segments like that are more indicative of timing and conditions than actual ability.

And that's not his power. That's his estimated (read: made-up) power. Strava estimated power is absolutely worthless. HE could be drafting a car or have a massive tailwind or any of a number of factors that Strava can't account for.

+ at only 3 pages of KOMs, this guy is in pure newb category.

That previous guy linked has like 60 pages!!
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by Weenie

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by Lewn777

Some of the problems are due to accidental and deliberate bad data. There's someone number 1 on Strava climbing right now that has 25,000 meters over a 50km ride. All the people he rode with did 500 meters of climbing, just his GPS going goofy, can't understand why he doesn't want to correct it. It seems it would be super easy for Strava to auto flag or auto correct impossible data. Strava made the best platform, then gave up giving a shit about cycling 3 years ago. Must all be runners.

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by glam2deaf

AJS914 wrote:Hilarious. Nobody owns KOMs. So many gems in this post:

Brendan Edwards
Your rides are solely based around stealing KOM’s, and the level of planning and obsession that goes into your hunts is quite high, and don’t buy for a second that you don’t specifically target my KOM’s. There have been far too many times when you have made the conscious decision to pick one of my segments and put yourself deep in the pain cave to take me down. You choose which one’s you go for, and obviously you’ve taken a liking to mine as there’s no one else who you’ve even stolen a fraction of what you’ve stolen from me. You claim that it’s nothing personal, but how can explain doing what you’ve done over a 16 month period? I’ve taken your beating. There’s been close to 40 of them. There is something seriously wrong with you if you can’t recognise that your actions are causing me pain, and I don’t know how to get through to you to stop. This is not a game, and you have gone well and truly overboard. Just because I have a large number of KOM’s shouldn’t give you licence to devote what has been close to a year and a half of your life to taking me down. Seriously what are you getting from this? I’m not your enemy. I haven’t stolen a single KOM off you, and frankly I’ve got better things to do with my time. I’ve taken your beating and kept quiet, but everything you have written above indicates that you intend to keep your one sided war going, and wouldn't be surprised if you are already planning your next attack on my segments. Seriously stop. Do you get pleasure in making enemies on Strava? What have i done to deserve this treatment from you? You never answered that. You just babbled on about how you have a right to steal everybody's KOM's because they're public property. and obviously because I have many, this gives you licence to steal them all..... There's enough segments out there that you can happily steal off others for years and years to come. As to your crack about the pot calling the kettle black. I've set-up over 800 segments over the years. The majority of mine I created. Not stolen,

Holy shit, this is probably the funniest strava comment I've ever seen. This guy is deranged

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by RyanH

I had to comment on that, it was too good to pass up... But it turns out the guy ended up being blocked and created a new account. I mean... Common...

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by glam2deaf

I've seriously considered deleting my Strava account to stop getting emails

dude... there is a box for that in settings :lol: :lol: :lol:

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by antonioiglesius

Brendan Edwards
Your rides are solely based around stealing KOM’s...

I find this... really really sad. He's delusional.

The only KOMs I look at are from the pros, and the only reason I look at them is to get a sense of how much stronger they are. The only way the KOMs will otherwise matter to me would be if they can somehow translate into tangible value, e.g. monetary gains. It's easy to applaud someone and click the 'like' button for his/her efforts, it's an entirely different story making any kind of money from it. It is the latter that truly shows whether people care or are just being agreeable. If I'm crazy about getting KOMs but not making any money from it, then I think I'm delusional.

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by bilwit

The pseduo "competitive" aspect about Strava plays perfectly into the half-wheeling cycling bro culture, unfortunately.

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by KH

I think the real question is how is Strava going to respond to the massive threat to their business that E bikes represent?

The technology is moving incredibly quickly. As quickly as the middle aged man who recently dropped me and a friend in the Alps. Said friend has taken numerous sought-after KOMs from various World Tour riders but had no chance of sticking with this slightly overweight chap on the Saisies (we tried).

Others have already posted in this thread about why this is much more of a tricky issue to resolve than the antics of various idiots taking KOMs while in vehicles etc.

Presumably Strava have some kind of plan (or are trying to figure out what to do) as otherwise they are finished...

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by kgibbo1868

Similar to Zwift, Strava could easily require a HR monitor to ensure a correct HR response to effort. This would eliminate any e-bike or vehicle KOM's.
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by Imaking20

Holy crap, that dude is hilarious. I wonder if that guy considered, I dunno, trying to get any of those 40 KOMs back...
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by chipomarc

kgibbo1868 wrote:Similar to Zwift, Strava could easily require a HR monitor to ensure a correct HR response to effort. This would eliminate any e-bike or vehicle KOM's.

No it won't. You still put out your effort but get a nice assist

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by AJS914

Strava isn't going to do anything about ebikes. They are probably thinking the more the merrier.

Honestly, most Strava riders don't give a rats ass about KOMs because most riders can't beat the pros, cat 1s, or local hot shots that take all of the KOMs.

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by ianeire

I've logged everything on Strava since 2011. You get to the point whereby you don't give a single ***k anymore. You stop looking at KOMs unless you inadvertently take one. You stop naming rides. I deleted many 'followers'. I now use it almost exclusively just for keeping track of mileage on various components on various bikes. Many of the strongest riders I know don't use it. Very few of the top racers on the circuit here use it. Who gives a crap of you're KOM of the Strava crapshoot when the real cards are shuffled on the weekend races.

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by Rudi

Not that it matters, but I've seen two KOM anomalies round here, both different causes and neither been flagged.

The first is the KOM for the top of a well known hill climb round here and the KOM is something like 45kmh - which I'd guess is impossible. The best time on strava is about 27kph and the course record was set before Strava existed, which is another interesting thing to me (e.g. I was the 3rd fastest ever on this segment out of all the people who use Strava, not the 3rd fastest ever). Anyway, if you look at the guy's ride, this is clearly not his fault. At the end of the hill where the race is held, the road joins another that runs parallel but continues upwards (like the finish being at a switchback). He was clearly coming down that section and his GPS bumped him 20m to his right.

He's not cheated, but his segment time/speed is clearly wrong.

The other I've seen is a QOM on a different hill that is way out in front of everything else, and appears to have been taken during the middle of a mens race. I assume here the boyfriend/husband was using her garmin. Could be she was in the race, nothing to stop her.

I use strava, but don't follow anyone/give out kudos and the like. I am purely on it for myself, but I do pay attention to that stuff, just don't care enough to flag the second one myself.

I wonder on other peoples views of the first scenario. Clearly not a cheat in my eyes, but also not a legit time either.
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by Weenie

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