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by broshaughnessy

All things being equal (ex. total time in saddle, time in each zone, interval workouts) would you see bigger gains riding 4 days per week or 5? For instance of 5 day week might be (2+2+2+4+1.5) vs. a 4 day week of (2.5+2.5+5+2.5). Each week would have 2 interval sessions of the same intensity and goal. Any and all input appreciated!

by Weenie

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by misterq

always going to see gain from riding more days a week to me better to ride 20-40 minutes than not at all but thats me. A day off the bike leaves me sluggish which has other side effects so there is a lot involved. In most cases ride as much as can. I would try to ride min of 5 days a week, one day off is plenty if any, I usually have one to two rides a week that are easy one being 20-30 super easy then 45-60 min super easy but I ride everyday. OCD

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by Rubik

I would rather ride 30 minutes a day 6 times a week than do more hours over less days. I'd actually probably take 3 hours divided up over 6 days before I'd take 6 hours divided up over three days.

I'm a big fan of continuity in training, even to the detriment of longer training. And since my favorite events are 60-90 minute crits anyway, it doesn't make too much of a difference.

In addition, the shorter, more frequent riding allows for increased intensity in my experience.
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by cdncyclist

As long as you have 2 or 3 rest days built in, it probably doesn't matter that much. Everyone is a little different, I don't like taking more than 1 day off if possible. If you are a numbers guy, the TSS will be the same!

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by boysa

You guys do realize there are seven (7) days in the week, right?!? 8)
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