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by LeDuke

Hey guys. The vast majority of the time I do intervals, I'm doing steady state stuff. 2x20min, 3x10min, 6x6min, etc. Or, just doing local strava segments for time.

Been doing more "over-under" workouts recently. Notably, 40s "on", 20s "off".

I know how to set up an interval workout in my Garmin 520. But, the interval screen only shows me how much longer for the interval and the rest period.

Is there a way to set it up such that I can view the average wattage of the interval and the rest period?

I'm trying to target specific averages for each period. Not being able to see them makes it difficult.


by Weenie

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by glam2deaf

It's been a while since I've used a Garmin, but is there a lap average data field available? There was on the 500, I would assume it's still there. I would have both current and lap average on my interval screen

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by Rubik

I just set up an interval screen. I hit lap for the time and then I have the lap time, 3s power, and then lap ap and np.

Setting up an interval session sounds way too tedius. Just hitting the lap button gets me all the info I need for each interval.
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by zirxo

Just change the page to your normal page. That's what I do.

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