HRM Options with Garmin Egde 520

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by StevenH72

Afternoon Guys,

I use a Garmin Edge 520 to track my rides and would like to start tracking my HR too.

I don't have a strap, but do own a Garmin Forerunner 235 watch which tracks HR. Could I pair the watch to the Edge 520?
Any advice is appreciated.

by Weenie

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by ms6073

Yes, if you have the FR235 with the optical HR sensor, then HR signal can be broadcast to your Edge 520.
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by stockae92

Here's how: ... CD341.html

I am using Garmin vivoactive HR to broadcast heart rate to my Fenix 3, and it works 85% of the time. The failing point is the VAHR sometimes fail to pick up heart rate for some reason.

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by moyboy

I'm using a Mio Link as I don't like the chest heart rate monitors, plus it's easy to clean.

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by Lewn777

You can use nearly any HRM with ANT+ or Bluetooth. I use a Geonaute (works reliably and has a machine washable strap) which is available at Decathlon and very reasonably priced, since my original Garmin HRM unit stopped working.

by Weenie

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by savechief

Had the Garmin premium strap, had the original Garmin strap... both had issues after a while. Then I tried the Mio optical sensor. Less comfortable for me than a chest monitor. Now I'm using the Wahoo sensor and it's been perfect for the 4 months I've had it.

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