Advice please on training repeated climbing efforts

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by Ulver

So having completed my 'A' event for the year (Etape du Tour) in a reasonable fashion (in the middle third of finishers) it is clear that whilst I have improved my FTP by a reasonable margin (15% YoY), where I suffer is being asked to do repeated long efforts (60-90min) at sweet spot (and approaching threshold). What I found happening was on the later climbs I couldn't maintain power levels I know I can easily hold for an hour+

As I'd like to target these sorts of events going forward (essentially European Gran Fondos with say 160km and 3-4,000m of climbing) this is definitely something I need to address.

So how do I work on this repeat-ability / stamina?

Is it a case of teasing out longer and longer sessions in/around sweet spot (60,75,90,120min etc) whilst keeping intensity around 85-90% or is it a case of addressing overall stamina through endurance level riding and increasing volume?

Living where I am in the UK I don't have any climbs much longer than about 10-15mins so this specific training would have to be done indoors.

by Weenie

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by Rubik

My first reaction is to suggest that you not try to climb at sweetspot. That's a pretty high intensity to try to maintain for multiple hours.

Maybe back off to tempo and see how you get on with that.

If you're super intent on sweetspot, then yes, you just progress it.

Last winter I started at 88-90% for an hour, then 90 mins, then two hours and I eventually finished up with a 3 hour straight sweetspot session. It took about two months of building to get there (with different workouts) and very careful fueling, but it was doable.

So I'd look for a similar progression in training.
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by boysa

Ride longer. Ride harder.

Sounds as if I'm joking, but it's that simple. Rubik is correct, pick a pace and duration then build up from there. Add time and watts each time out.
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by Marin

I have the same "problem". However, I make the mistake of doing too much work on flat sections so I've burnt all my matches before the last climb.

1) You can improve FTP - I'd do sprint intervals because... why not.

2) Look at your fueling strategy. Are you 100% sure you're not down to burning fat at the end?

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by joec

in rterms of maintainig power on a climb, is the heat killing your power off? much like it does on a turbo

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