Drinking on long rides

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by 3Pio

Riding often long rides (for example two days ago 182 km), or month ago 246 km (on this one 2500 m climbing ), and drink a lot of water on this rides.

For the area where i can find water on the ride, i use 2 x 720ml Camelbak bottles, and i refill them all the time when i have a chance.

This summer i spend my holliday on Kefalonia Island, very hot weather (there was period of riding with 41 deg Celsius temp),a lot of climbing, and not so easy to find water on the way (just in the villages). For this i was using one bottle of 950ml and other 720ml. There was periods when my bottles was empty, but not a problem since villages are not so far from each other so i was reffiling. The most i ride without water was about 5-10 km this way.

I dont add electrolites just pure water. Before the ride im drinking a lot of water as well, and on the ride try to eat every 1500 Cal burned (some Bars or Banana, or maybe snacks on the gas station). On the ride i also like to get some Coca Cola sometimes and Espresso (or more of them, even i know that dehydrate the body, but i just drink more water).

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by Ozrider

I carry 2 x 750ml bottles on most rides as it gets quite warm here.
I drink 500-750ml per hour depending on weather.
I use Shotz electrolyte tablets in one bottle and Endura Rehydration Performance in the other bottle.
I carry a ziplock bag with additional Endura powder and some electrolyte tablets if I'm on a 3-5 hour ride.
Fortunately most of my routes have places to fill water bottles.

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