Swimming as cross training

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by robertbb

Hi All,

Long time WW member/reader, only recently started being more active :beerchug:

Wondering if anyone else here swims as a part of their training, and if perhaps they may want to share their routines and any tips?

I swim 3 days a week, and ride 3-4 days. Split looks like this:

Mon: 6am swim.
Tues: Structured indoor trainer ride (kinetic.fit)
Wed: 6am Swim.
Thurs: Structured indoor trainer ride (kinetic.fit)
Fri: 6am Swim.
Sat: Big outdoor ride...
Sun: Recovery spin...

I swim freestyle only in a 25m indoor pool that happens to be extra-warm as it's used for baby/toddler lessons in the evenings and weekends. It's around 5 degrees in the mornings at the moment here in Melbourne, and this water feels hot-tub esque. I swim around 1.5k - 2k per session. I don't do any specific stretching/yoga, but have found that since starting this routine (close to a year now) I've not only dropped a bit of niggle bodyfat (178cm, 70kg... about 9-10% body fat) but have become more and more flexible - I've been able to drop my stem significantly. I use a swimming snorkel (one of the ones that goes up the front of your face) and neoprene gloves to help me catch more water with each stroke... I feel this actually helps to train both my lungs (as I can essentially sprint without having to turn to breathe adequately) and my mind as my body learns to cope with lactate pain better...

Anyone else here doing similar?


by Weenie

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