Why do I suck at longer vo2 intervals (3 mins+)

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by TheKaiser

alastairb wrote:Two schools of thought; either learn not to focus on it or, alternatively, dial into it and appreciate it's a positive as it means the work you're doing is making you stronger! Option 2 is, in my opinion, easier.

I recall seeing a study a while back on, if memory serves, Ironman competitors. They found examples of top athletes that used each of those "tune-out and distract" and "tune-in and reframe" techniques, with a slight bias in toward tuning-in amongst the top competitors. But it sounds like either can work, depending on one's personal inclinations.

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by boysa

@TheKaiser... Don't worry, I know! Mental health is a field with which I am familiar. :twisted:
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by Weenie

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