Increasing endurance range- fasted training tips...?

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by Lewn777

raspaa wrote:I am currently training for a century ride in Sept, and I have found that one of my biggest weaknesses is that I don't have enough "juice" to maintain desired intensity for the entire duration. Seem to just hit the wall around mile 70-80, rest of the ride is always a drag. So I am looking into doing fasted rides in the AM to train body to burn fat more vs relying heavily on surgar/gel/foods during ride, as body cannot process food fast enough for energy consumption.

Generally, I ride for 60 min in zone 2 in the AM, 2-3 times a week.
Durring weekend group/non-fasted rides, I eat every 30-45 min. Banana is usually in the mix.

My questions for those with fasted training experience:
- should I stay in zone 2 for these hour long efforts? Or should more intensity be incorporated?
- Should I change fueling habits during non-fasted rides? Eat more, eat less?
- Other points I should be aware of to make this more effective?

Thanks in advance!

This is purely anecdotal, but I think we all react differently to carbs. I remember doing a successful Everesting last year, which was about 300kms. What I found was up to about six hours my body reacted reasonably well to sugary carbs like gels and bars etc. But after that I would just start to fade and bonk badly, and failing my first Everesting attempt. On my second Everesting attempt I focused on non-sugary longer burning carbs such as wholemeal bread and brown pasta, incorporated with some fats and proteins, for me this fuels me much more stably for longer periods. Simply put, try a jam and peanut butter sandwich in wholemeal bread instead of an energy gel before you try fasted training! The only problem is solid foods are hard to eat with any kind of reasonable heart rate so you either need to stop for a break, slow right down or liquidize your food.

I've tried fasted training, but personally evening training is more effective for me, as I'm prone to liking an evening beverage or snack.

There is so much debate around this subject, that I seriously doubt a 'one size fits all' approach will ever be correct.

by Weenie

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by Marybell

WinterRider wrote:
Thu Jul 20, 2017 1:15 pm
"fact that IGF-1 Hormones found in most Low Carb diets"

IGF-1 is NOT found in low carb diets... it IS a hormone produced by the body. But is pointless to post vs someone's emotional agenda.. a waste of time when fact is secondary to electrical zeal tween the ears.

"low carb" means different things to different people. In the broad view here in the US caloric intake is miles beyond what is necessary to sustain life.. processed foods are more stables now. The added sugar, salt and industrial types of fat in the US diet makes for the 'waddlers' riding carts in food marts... those often 100+ lbs over a sensible weight. Carbs of late have been getting a large share of the blame... true but not the whole story by miles. A cottage industry developed slamming carb intake.. some justified.. mostly ordinary male cow dung to turn a buck.. same ol' same ol.

Low carb to me means low glycemic index's for the total consumed. This keeps blood sugar from the high spikes of insulin in check... which in my view is one prime source of ill health. My goal is to eat in a manner similar to when our genes evolved w/o using the commercial moniker of 'paleo' which has become just another marketing sign post. How the 'monkey see-- monkey do' crowd markets and employs 'low carb' is of no value/interest to me.
I don't really understand your plight. Low carb diet means low glycemic index? Please check this glycemic index chart. Most carbs have high glycemic index. Please check because your reply was kinda confusing.

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by allensurface

This is a good idea to increase your running distance, as well as your speed. Wish you the best of luck in the implementation of this dream!

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by Shrike

How many calories are your fasted rides and what sort of calorie deficit would you finish a day on?

I'm wondering how much of a deficit you can run before you lose power or struggle to gain it..

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by dim

food for the centuary ride: .... one every 40 minutes washed down with a gulp of water:

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