Anyone ever make the Team Sky rice cakes?

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by Rty1138

sounds good and simple and cheap

by Weenie

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by jorisee01

If you are into this you should also try this

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by flying

53x12 wrote:Is the cream cheese really needed for the recipe to work? I'm not a huge cream cheese fan and I would assume it is added to give extra calories and protein to the cakes. Is there a chemical reason for needing it?

I make them with regular Japanese rice (Hinode brand) I do not add cream cheese. May be fine for guys burning 7000 cal per day but not me

I add a bit of coconut milk ...canned Thai type to cooker with the water
Also 1 tbs br sugar into cooker dash of salt too
Using rice cooker I am making 1.5 cooker. Measure cups

handful of chopped almond and some raisins after cooked mix

Then the gallon zipbag shape square
fridge overnight
Cut bag and cut to sizes you like

I wrap in wax paper....does not dry out

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