Wattbike data help needed..

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by DFMDennis

I have asked this on a other forum already but they can't help me so I hope that there will be more people over here with enough knowledge about the Watt Bike (pro) ;)

I decided to do the Submax and 3 Minute test in order to do a good 20 minute FTP test next week. I have read different guides on how to perform these tests on the Watt Bike but they have changed the firmware and the way they show data I guess.. What I needed to test where my MMP and MHR and they are shown in the app but the guide said I needed to add 60w to the EMMP which is shown as MMP but perhaps this is a old guide? Someone who could help me and clarify what is correct? :) Because I don't think the EMMP is shown as MMP anymore..

After the 3 minute test they also showed me my max HR was 181.. I'm 26 years old @ 78kg

The two sessions:
3 Minute: https://hub.wattbike.com/session/kvLiBO6sdZ
Submax: https://hub.wattbike.com/session/E5dq1RWc4T

Both sessions shown on the iPhone app:
3 Minute: https://i.gyazo.com/db0f397c6172de982bd ... 107e45.png
Submax: https://i.gyazo.com/b7a7dbbe5295ceebb60 ... 58b091.png

Garmin estimated a 220w FTP which sounds reasonable. I know, my endurance is bad :D Couldn't really work out for 1.5 year..

Used toeclips btw. I have speedplay pedals so I can't use my shoes on the Wattbike. Will buy different cleats later this month so I can use my cycling shoes

by Weenie

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by mrgray

I'm an amateur but based on the 3 min I would have thought a upper limit FTP estimate, would be in the order of 210 W. This is the mean of the 3 min (248 W) multipled by 0.85 (as one might do for a 5 min effort). You'd know better in my opinion if you took the mean wattage for a second 3 min effort which occurred say 5 minutes after the first 3 min effort.

Or just do a 3 min, pedal nicely for say 8 minutes to recover, and see what you can sustain for 20 minutes then multiply that 20 min average by .95.

Or best of all do the full 60 minutes.

It is possible getting clipped in will make a significant difference to your 3 min effort numbers.

If you haven't done heaps of exercise and you are getting into this now then it'll be cool how much you will improve over next 3 months. Please keep tabs on it and report back.
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