Lower back not letting me ride... Help!

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by topflightpro

Also, Tom Danielson's Core Advantage book has a lot of good core strengthening exercises listed in it.

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by kytyree

I do a lot of the same topflightpro posted some I got from the physical therapist and others just reading about back health.

by Weenie

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by nibugaga

Hi, from what you described, I have had the same kind of pain for a bit more than one year.

For a few months, riding more than 30 min solo was terrible, bringing a lot of pain in my lower-left side of my back, and then start in my left tigh.

I went to a chiropractor who did deep tissue massage but it didn't really helped. I tried stretching for my harmstring and back, but no effect either.

Then, I went to a sport doctor, who asked me to do a x-ray scan, but we couldn't see anything. He was thinking that it could be a "discopathie", in french, which is a degenerative disc desease in english I think.
He told me that there wasn't much things to do but waiting, go to the chiropractor and come back 3 months later if it wasn't improving.
When I went to the chiro, he told me that these kinds of things could take as much as 3 years to completely heal...

I didn't go back to the doctor because I have had some knee problem who left me off the bike for a while, so I didn't know how things were going until the last couple of months.

I started training quite seriously for 2 months now and things are a bit better. In good days, the pain start after 2 hours and I have done 3h30 ride without too much trouble (it is still is painful and I need to stretch my back on the bike, but it's not the kind of pain of that makes me want to kill myself for going for such a "long" ride). On some bad days the pain come back after 1 hour, but it still nowhere near as bad as one year ago.

I must also say that I did a bike fit hoping it would solve the problem, but my fit was already near perfect. I also tried a lot of saddle to find one that would let me rotate my pelvis without crushing my crotch, but I don't think it changed anything about the pain.

I am also still doing regularly streching for my hips, psoas and back. I think it help a bit but it's hard to tell, there is no magic fix unfortunately. I could tell you more specifically what I am doing if you want.

But like a lot of people said it, first thing would be to go to a "back-specialist" doctor.

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by Rick

I have been struggling with SI inflammation pain all winter (self-induced during weightlifting).
I have a PT who gave me some exercises, and they do help; but they haven't cured it.
They are pretty standard exercises and stretches and there are plenty of good youtube videos on the subject.
Foam rollers; "peanut rollers", hot baths....all help a little too. But it gets better at like 1% per week :unbelievable:
Ibuprofen and Naproxen definitely help a lot, but I have already taken so much of those that I quit completely for fear I would start getting negative side effects.

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