Which software for a power newbie?

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by AJS914

I now have a trainer with power and I have a wheelset with a Powertap hub on order.

I use a Garmin 510 to capture the data. It syncs to Garmin Connect which then syncs with Strava.

The next step is better software to make the power data more useful. Where should I go next?

FWIW, I've downloaded Golden Cheetah but haven't done much more than look at it. I've played with Xert for a few days and watched some videos but I still don't quite grasp all of what it's telling me. I gather that the other site to try is Training Peaks.

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by boysa

Golden Cheetah. It is very powerful, and continually improving. I play around with Xert, as well, but between the two it is not an apples-to-apples comparison. I'd say they can be used together.

TP? Well, to each his own.
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by Weenie

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by chipomarc

Us big boys use only WKO4

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by AJS914

What is the easy way to get data into Golden Cheetah? So far my rides are going into Garmin Connect and then to Strava. I could obviously connect my Garmin 510 with a cable but an automatic sync would obviously be preferred.

I see people setting up Garmin to Tapiriik to Dropbox. Is that still the only way to automate it?

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by kulivontot

There's a training peaks direct connection, but pretty much.
You can set golden cheetah to auto import a specific folder on startup, so that if you plug in your garmin first it'll grab everything at once.

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by grover

If you don't want to pay then Golden Cheetah. I personally didn't find it as user friendly as Training Peaks or Today's Plan. But I also didn't spend much time with it to get used to it's nuances. It's popular so it can't be that bad.

I used Training Peaks for a long time. It's fantastic. For a long time it was the benchmark.

Last year I switched to Today's Plan for a few reasons
- it was started by some Aussie guys. Support local!
- it has a few metrics that Training Peaks and Golden Cheetah doesn't
- it seems to be evolving (ongoing development) a little more/quicker than Training Peaks and Golden Cheetah
- it automatically syncs data, and sends workouts to Garmin/Strava/Zwift. When workouts are scheduled on your calendar the next few days get automatically synced. So all you have to do is press go on the workout for the correct day on your Garmin or Zwift and it'll step you through your intervals etc. So easy!

by Weenie

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by AJS914

Thanks, I'll check it out.

I'd be willing to put in some time with Golden Cheetah. I actually found some tutorials to work through.

I was hoping to automate the upload but I guess I could plug in the Garmin. Using Tapiriik though doesn't sound too bad.

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