Setting up a smart trainer for an older couple - 1 bike for two different sizes?

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by Shrike

One is 5ft 4inch, the other 5ft 10inch.

Any way to have some sort of setup to easily allow them to change position themselves or is it too much of a stretch/hassle?

It'd have to all be very upright. They're 60+ but love techy stuff and want to 'play' Zwift to keep in shape.

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by TheKaiser

Are they comfortable adjusting saddle height, or swapping out a seat/post if you have their proper heights marked to make it easy?

What about swapping out a stem?

Given that you are not going to be trying to put them in a proper road race position, there should be a wide window of adjustment that will be acceptable to them. Particularly since you needn't concern yourself with outdoor handling traits. For instance, even if they don't want to unbolt a stem, you could set the bike up with one of those pivoting adjustable stems from a hybrid, and one of those clamp on head tube extenders that allows even further stack adjustment. On top of that, if they're running riser bars, you can rotate the bar for/aft to adjust reach to some degree. Between all of those adjustments and 2 different seats/posts I think it'd be no problem to get it good enough for their purposes.

by Weenie

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by mattr

TBH, i'd not even bother with the bar position, i'd be looking at a frame with the right height for the shorter rider with the saddle almost all the way down and a bit of a stretch to the bars (flat of course) then lift the saddle for the taller rider and add bar ends to the bars for a longer reach.

In fact at 5 foot 4 and 5 foot 10 something like an 18-19" MTB with a qr seat collar would do it. Only likely to need 3-4" of saddle height adjustment.

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by AJS914

It sounds like they would be better off with a piece of gym equipment that puts out power.

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by Shrike

Thanks guys, looking at these options now. About the gym equipment - to get a spin bike with power I think it'd be much more expensive than say a Flux with some cheapo bike on it unfortunately.

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