"Multiple power meters found" issue

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by LouisN

HI all,
I've been experiencing something new lately.
We now have 3 powermeters in the house, when someone is starting his ( her) workout ( with a second powermeter going) , head units have issues.
The Garmin edge 500 units that are activated have a "multiple powermeter detected" message, and it's not possible to calibrate the "new" powermeter.

The "already active" units's (either the Garmin Edge 500 or the O'synce Navi2Coach) power and RPM readings will "bug" from the moment a new unit is starting.

I can't believe this can't be addressed as within a peloton in a race, or at the start, I should be possible to calibrate, start, and pair a powermeter with a specific head unit, use it with many other devices around... ??

I've been looking the Internet for an answer, but nothing really answered my questions...

Louis :)

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by zazo

Do you have all of the powermeters paired to the same head unit? Haven't had that kind of a problem yet, but that might be an issue. I know that my Garmin picks up additional sensors that weren't near by at the start, but were previously paired even mid ride.

If that's the case, try removing paired powermeters that arent used with specific headunit and give it a go.

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

Its easy for the 500's.
Set each PM as a separate bike profile with easily identifiable names, and make sure its set to the bike you're using it with.
New Garmins like the 820, have a sensor "pool" for wont of a better word. It picks up whatever sensors it sees from the pool, so if you haven't previously paired it to it, it shouldn't connect.

Problems occur when it sees to already paired pm's (such as my p2m and powertap hub) it will ask first which one.
Easiest thing to do is wake 1 pm at a time, so its only trying to connect to that. once its paired, then wake the other, and it should ask if you want to connect?; and like the kids form grange hill, just say no.

Not sure on the navicoach so can't comment as to how to cure that one.
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by aspms

What kind of power meters are you using? I had similar issue with edge 500 and P2M type S, when you have made profile in edge 500 with multiple sensors. For example you have HRM and PM sensors set there but when you turn it on next time and wake up PM but havent connected HRM before, then it shows neverending calibration. Same way older gen P2M was running fine even when HRM wasn't connected.

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by mrlobber

The HRM & neverending PM calibration issue was a well known Edge 500 bug, which was eventually solved with a firmware update (don't remember the version, though).

But I don't really wonder that Garmin might have introduced other bugs :D, and "multiple powermeter detected" or "multiple HRM sensors detected" (which was also present on my Edge 500) clearly sounds like that.

I'd try borrowing and using a "newer" Edge model, 510 or 520 (which have bike profiling) to test this hypothesis.

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by ajmit3

You've got too much money , I can resolve this issue . Send me the two power meters asap.

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by LouisN

@zazo: No. But to compare power reading différences, I tried both powermeters on the same bike a few times, both with a different head unit. Bizarre enough. When I did this, I didn't get the issue. It's when a second PM + head unit is starting when one is already in " action" that it happens.

@jekyllman: I'll try to set up a few different bike profiles to "isolate" the different sensors involved. My kids hate HRM's and don't use them, I do.

@aspms: I have one Powetap GS and two 4iii Precision ( all three cost me less than $850 US ajmit3 ;) ). I know with the Edge 500 if you entered an HRM in the bike profile ( sensors ) , you have to wear the belt, else calibration is endless...

I also had lots of signal "blanks", but I think it's because the initial home training setup was too close from the Wifi unit... We moved everything and solved this issue...

Will get back to you on our next sessions, coming soon we'll train all 3 bikes side-to-side :)

Louis :)

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