Wind noise ear pain.

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by theyoungconnoisseur

Just started riding after a 3yr break. Forgot about the wind noise causing sever ear/head/neck pain. Just got some Bluetooth earbuds and I still hear loud wind thru them when riding. I'm only riding 21mph so far and will be up to 26-27 by next month I imagine which will only make it worse


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by sharkman

Never heard of this but nothing a pair of alpine moto plugs won't solve (they even will help most to descend a lot faster due to the lack of wind noise)

by Weenie

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by Shrike

What temperatures are you riding in when you experience this?

I get ridiculous inner ear pain on even a quick 20 min ride if I pop out around 0 degrees C without wearing a fleecy windstopper ear band. That's not noise related though.

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by mattr

theyoungconnoisseur wrote:Thoughts?
You're not going to add 5-6 mph to your average speed in a month. ;)

Might be worth seeing a doctor if it's actually causing that much pain.
Other alternatives might be a buff over your ears or some of those spock like wind deflectors on your helmet straps.

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by niklasp

1. Wear a hat if its cold outside. Myself is very sensitive to "ear drag".
2. Maybe a new helmet?
3. ... Ear plugs?

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by TheKaiser

These are just a couple of the wind deflectors that fit on helmet straps. Both brands below have multiple models, and I think there are other brands out there too: ... B00SVYU1J2

Actual ear pain hasn't been an issue for me, but I've certainly found wind noise to be annoying and make it difficult to converse with riding companions. Additionally, there have been studies on the wind noise generated in a convertible car with the top down, or a motorcycle, and the db level is not just annoying, but gets into a range that could cause long term hearing damage. Not sure how the lower bicycling speeds affect the db, but it is worth being cautious if you're getting discomfort.

I've found different helmets to dramatically affect noise. In general, a model with fewer and more streamlined vents will have less noise, such as some of the newer aero models. Also models which have the straps emanate from the interior edge of the helmet will generate less noise as the strap will lay flat against your skin rather than "slicing" the air right in front of your ear, as models with straps that sit off the skin will.

Not that I suggest riding without a helmet, but you could do a controlled run with/without your helmet on a quiet road to see how much noise is helmet generated and how much is simply the wind blowing over your ears. Even better, do the same thing, but use your helmet in stock form, and then try again but with the straps taped to your skin and then with various vents taped over. Helmet visors can make noise too, and I even had a helmet with little threaded fittings for a visor/camera mount and the empty threaded holes would make a hell of a whistle until I taped them over.

Between the deflectors for ear noise, and a possible helmet modification/swap, you should be able to make a huge improvement. If you're still getting pain, see a doctor about those ears.

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by OutOfBreath

I don't suffer pain fortunately but, as a huge ear bearer, noise can get kind of annoying when on fast descents or in strong headwind situations. I'd love to have a nice pair of aero ears like Boonen's.

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by DutchMountains

I have the Cat Ears and another brand like it (not slipstreamz) and while it does have some effect I was not impressed.

If you're really serious about this then have some otoplastics made with a specific filter (so you don't block _all_ sounds).

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by BRM

Most people with oversensitive hearing, also have troubles with wearing something in the ears for what longer time.

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by theyoungconnoisseur

Bought 3 new motorcycles 2yrs ago and sold them all because of the wind noise even with foam plugs under my helmet. I have previously only raced sport bikes and not rode them on the street and when your chin isn't on the tank its insanely lould for me. Even my big KTM 1190 R adventure bike with aftermarket huge windscreen it was deafening.

I rode without a helmet on, same thing, the foam is the same level of db and frequency reduction as the wireless earbuds with no music. w music its still too much noise. very distracting as well as painful after only 15miles.

I imagine my hearing has gotten more sensitive since I last bicycled a few years ago. Its a real problem now. I shoot a lot of guns (handgun comp) and I run foams under the muffs and I can run 500rds of .45 without any problems. or shoot 50rds of 338LM off my concrete side patio in a day with no problems. its the wind whirling whoosh frequency thats the worst.

Will try something on tuesday if weather holds. thinking a headband over the earbuds, will at least change/create some sort of turbulent air around my ears and do something.

its so distracting, just as bad as your pup coming over and licking you while your doing sit-ups or someone making you laugh when doing pull-ups.

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by audiophilitis

wearing noise cancelling gear can make you less aware of your surroundings

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by Miley92

How about just tightly wrapping yourself with warm scarf or any soft fabric? You can cover your ears, chin and neck. Do you ride alone or with someone? It may be dangerous to ride alone in bad weather after a long break. Here are some tips for similar cases: ... onditions/. Spring is coming, the weather will be fine soon. But be careful! If you feel pain regularly, don`t delay a visit to the doctor.

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by joeyb1000

I've had the same problem, but mostly on long motorcycle trips. I had a set of custom molded earplugs (musicians earplugs) made. They come with inserts to reduce the decibels (or you can remove them and plug the ends for no wind at all). You have to go to someone who makes hearing aids to have them made (see the link below for one product). They aren't cheap, but I've had mine for over 10 years. ... /erme.html

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by jfranci3

Are you sure it's the noise. My sources of ear pain over the years: memory foam pillow putting too much pressure on ears while sleeping, squinting, sunglasses arm.

I'd suggest starting with changing your sunglasses or wearing your cycling sunglasses during your commute to work to see if it reoccurs.

by Weenie

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by elogin

There are motorcycle ear plug at Pinlock.
Just wind noise down.

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