Water resistant headphones for indoor training

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by Stolichnaya

Been riding indoors lately and catching up on movies I missed in recent years. The trainer is old and loud and soon to be replaced. Even so I am keeping every living creature in the house on high alert just to enjoy and fully hear a film when using speakers. I tried headphones and already sweated a set to death. Any suggestions for a set of in-ear or external headphones that have quality sound and some solid water resistance?

by Weenie

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by zirxo

I got a pair of Jaybird X2's that I'm quite happy with, the sound is decent and they're supposed to be sweat proof.

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by moonoi

After killing a set of Jabra Sport Pace and Aftershoxkz Bluez 2 headphones that are supposedly sweatproof, I went with the waterproof Sony Walkman Bluetooth MP3 player, good sound quality and my sweat has yet to kill them http://www.sony.co.th/en/electronics/wa ... 610-series

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by mattr

We had some swimming headphones (yeah, i know it sounds odd) since lost in a house remodel.
Only thing the guy recommended was to rinse thoroughly after use. Sweat is apparently one of the the worst things you can do to waterproof stuff.

So we rinsed them after use, lasted about 3(?) years until they went awol.

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by stephalap

I use Bose SoundSport Bluetooth inears on the trainer. Great sound, they are sweat proof and stay in the ear even when moist or lots of head shake etc.

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by Stolichnaya

Thanks, for the suggestions, folks.
I will look into these models.
Much appreciated.

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by DaReef

I really like the Trekz Titanium. I use them indoors and outdoors. Indoors I sometimes use earplugs. The work great on airplanes as well. I've used them in rainstorms with no issue.


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by YoungjaeChoi

Recommend Lg hbs 100a

Neckband type headphones
Its water proof with inear headphones
And also speaker just perfect for out door riding

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by kkibbler

Been using a pair of Plantronics Backbeat Fit. Never used it on the bike or trainer but I'm sure they would be fine. Scored well on Wirecutter getting best open-design wireless exercise headphones.

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by ryanw

zirxo wrote:I got a pair of Jaybird X2's that I'm quite happy with, the sound is decent and they're supposed to be sweat proof.


I have the original Jaybird (Bluebuds), have never let me down in over 2 years of daily use.
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by mr4fox

I recently killed a pair of JayBird blue buds (predecessor to the X2's) it I bought those in 2014 and use them while riding all the time. So they lasted much longer than I ever expected. Have replaced them with the X2's which seem almost identical apart from a couple minor changes.

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by 11.4

Jaybirds are consistently the top-rated in-ear sports earphones. Long battery life, high sweat-resistance, bluetooth, and reasonably priced. The JLab Audio Epic 2 Bluetooth 4 earbuds are also good and half the price, but the Jaybirds do it better, both acoustically and in overall design.

The Bose units benefit from a big ad campaign, and their noise-canceling circuitry is superb, but there are many many better products out there these days. Every day there's another Kickstarter with a better pair and they are pretty astounding. Follow wirecutter.com or gearjunkie.com or one of the audiophile websites and you'll usually see Jaybird at the top of the list, with JLab close behind, and then a bunch of intriguing high quality options.

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by TonyM

If quality is important ....then Shure earphones.

I am using some sound isolating earphones, the Shure SE315.
They have an excellent quality (Shure!) and detachable cables ! (cheap to get on amazon)

http://www.shure.com/americas/products/ ... -earphones
http://www.shure.com/americas/search#ca ... =Earphones

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by Vermu

+1 for shure as well. Been using my se415 for like 4 years or so. Only replaced the coord a couple of times.
Since it goes to ear the sweat doesn't matter.

Though I've been using these mainly on gym (dislike indoor training), commuting and lone rides.
I sweat like pig during gym training so should suit well to indoor training as well ;)

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by TonyM

The detachable cords are really a great feature for indoor training!
I normally use the Shure se500 for audio purposes like iPhone/mp3 etc...but they don't have these detachable cords so that I bought the se315 for biking on the home trainer (I usually watch some movies on youtube and the audio quality is not that great usually). For listening to music only during indoor training I may however would be happy to get the Shure se535 but the pricing is still quite high for me just to have the detachable cords as I already have the se500)

by Weenie

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