Power from trainer AND stages?

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by Delorre

I'm looking for a good trainer instead (or to alternate, don't know yet) of my elite e-motion. Take f.ex the Elite Drivo. If paired with Edge 520 and app on smartphone, what power reading will be shown on my Garmin? The power from the Drivo or the power send from the Stages?

Someone know in what mode (ERG, simulation,....)those trainers start by default? If I want to do a cooldown after an hard training session outside, I put the bike on the trainer, plug it in the 240v socket, but if I don't open an app and select a specific workout, route or ....., will it be in simulation mode with 0.0 grade, or will it be in the last mode known when switched off the last time I used the trainer?

by Weenie

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