Getting back on the bike

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by TomColnago

Hi guys, I'm trying to find the motivation to get back on my bike. In summer I was doing 250-300 miles a week with two races. With the sad passing of my uncle and going back to university it plummeted to 25 miles a week. My race weight is 83kg but I'm now 89kg so it's both a battle of getting back to being race fit for cat 2 racing and shedding my weight and getting lean again. Can anyone help with tips on how to ease myself back into the saddle and get back up to a decent pace again. Thanks, Tom :D

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by joec

do something, anything.

trainer work is good for getting me going after a spell off the bike, head phones in, bang out an hour done.... 2 or three of those a week and your body will soon start missing the exersize if you miss a session. trainer is good because its focussed effort at constant effort.

by Weenie

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

In a similar boat myself, but for other reasons (illness and then injury since April) and my weights slowly gone up, and now i'm about 12% over what i was back at the start of the season.

When i can ride, i'm just making sure i enjoy it, and after all thats why we ride in the first place.
Dont stress about hitting numbers etc, theyll come back when they're ready.

The weight will come down with consistant riding and then as you see visible improvements, it will put you on a positive spiral :)
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by TomColnago

Thanks for your replies I've been slowly getting back out but as said avoiding looking at numbers which is difficult with a power meter... hopefully I can get myself into a good rhythm when I get my motivation back :D

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by jefftillack

Yep, I'm hearing ya. 7 weeks ago collided with another cyclist in an underpass and fractured my hip, broke my L3 vertebrae and got a dislocated jaw. So been sitting around for weeks bored stupid unable to do a thing. So course having nothing to do I graze on anything. Final doc's appointment tomorrow and hopefully back on the bike after that.

My plan is to just start riding 20k's a time and if there's no pain gradually increase it. Then cut out all the crap I've been eating and focus on protein and vegetables, salads and stuff (it's summer here, which means it's bloody hot!) so you tend to steer clear of hot (greasy) foods. Plus I like to run (that's a subjective term). Running is hard work, but the weight does drop off quickly. Have you tried even doing just a couple k's a day? It will help. Sp easy to gain weight, so difficult to get rid of it!

Like was said earlier, just do something, anything. Keep moving and whatever it is, do it longer each day.

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by antonioiglesius

Perhaps find a group of riders who meet regularly and ride with them? Depending on the group it'll be more fun (or strenuous), and makes it easier to keep going.

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by joec

I find if I've had an off period, i disregard the PM and train on heart rate for a few weeks.

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by tarmackev

Similar here.
I've been on and off for a few years due to injury, the last two years I've barely ridden, not once in the last year.
I had spinal fusion (L4 L5) 10 days ago and I'm gearing up to getting back in the next 8 weeks.
My advice would be just do what you enjoy, if you don't want to ride then don't.
You have to want to ride for the love of riding.
I find for newer cyclists it's all about numbers and competition, it's impossible to keep riding to these and stay happy.
Did you ride before cycle computers and clubs? If not you may never truly love it.

Just ride when you really want to and do bother with gadgets, give it time.

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by GambadiLegno

As an example, Valverde trains without powermeter, HR monitor and without anything, just a simple watch to see what's the time and don't arrive home late for having lunch...

What I mean is that the best advice is to enjoy the bike and enjoy riding. We all need to enjoy cycling in its different ways, racing (numbers, power, weight...) and simply riding (fantastic routes and views, stop for a coffee and a sweet, friend's company....).

Just go out, ride and be happy with the bike. If keep going out or doing exercise, you'll get leaner and loose weight and become more powerful for sure.

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by TomColnago

Did 31km today and ignored my garmin until I got home. I had no particular goals i just wanted to ride. Should hopefully be ramping the distance up after Christmas

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by joec

Good Man!

its always worth setting up a screen with nothing of interest on, set ti to air temp, or map, maybe cadence

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by nathanong87

yea put the garmin in the back pocket and ride. it's SUPER hard to come back after a long hiatus but like most things just know in 3-4 months u'll come good

by Weenie

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by YoungjaeChoi

Maybe going out ride with friendz
In my case i just go out to where ive never been before.
Stopping many times searching for right path or so. .
Its kind of fun and new to me

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