Cheaper alternatives to Wahoo Desk

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by rasmusic

Does anyone know any cheaper (and smaller?) alternatives to the Wahoo Desk?

by Weenie

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by TonyM

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It definitely looks good but quite expensive indeed

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by spdntrxi

I have the desk.. it's pretty damn good actually .. especially for holding iPads

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by 11.4

Get a rolling hospital table, designed to hold your food and other stuff while you're in a hospital bed. You can find them used for about $50. Often they are issued to someone getting home care, and if the person dies, the table gets lost in the process and an estate sale or garage sale disposes of it for almost nothing. They are stable, the casters lock, and there's enough room to hold an iMac or a 37 inch Vizio TV right in front of you.

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by mvacolnago

Do a google search for laptop table, tons for sale at around $50, I use one and it works perfect for the laptop and enough ramp to fit around the wheel, also very adjustable in height and angle

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by tomee

sorry to bump this
I currently run a music stand but it's a bit flimsy.
i really like the Wahoo desk as it has the crevices so that your ipad can stand up even with a ANT+ dongle in it with the holes cut out.

has anyone found an alternative with the holes and able to hold an ipad upright?

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by TonyM

This is the one I use for my Ipad, iphone, water bottles and remotes. ... e6NUbpObpQ

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by glepore

For the ipad itself, I use this $17 stand from amazon ... tand&psc=1 it has a nice cutout for a cable or dongle.

I just ordered a cheap laptop table as well, inspired by this thread. Amazon has tons for 30-40 bucks.
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by Rudi

Great thread. I was considering the music stand options as well until I came across this. Now got laptop desk on order.
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by chunky666

I use a music stand like this ... wwQAvD_BwE

works perfectly well holding up a laptop, water bottle and tv remotes etc.

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by Ghost234

Go to Ikea and find a good solution. Or use a music stand and maybe do some small alterations.

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by bestazy

My turbo is in the garage and I use an old laptop that folds right over into a 'tablet' mode. I've tied some string to the frame of the up and over garage door, and hang the laptop in tablet mode from that. Works a treat.
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by sun

I was using a book holder that I got from Performance Bike, called the Travel Trac book caddy, but I just picked this up and it works well. ... UTF8&psc=1

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by BikeAnon

I use a Costco step ladder. Turned so the steps face away from me. Works great.

With a couple of little spring clips, you can make cable holders, iPad holders... all kinds of possibilities. Folds up when the season is over. Is super useful to have around the house.

Several brands are out there.


by Weenie

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