Don't really understand the difference between the Flux and Kura B+ trainers..

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by Shrike

Both are 'smart' and can be used with Zwift from what I can tell. But I'm not sure if they both automatically increase resistance as you hit hills in game for example. Just can't get a solid idea of how they compare in practise. Flux is magnetically controlled, Kura B+ is fluid. So I guess that the fluid can only create resistance if you pedal hard, whereas the Flux can create resistance and punish you more?

Sort of sounds like the Kura B+ isn't really a smart trainer that'd be good for Zwift. Not sure, maybe I've got it all wrong. Not had a trainer before.

Have the Flux on pre-order, but have just been told that chances are I may not even get it this year (many sites saying supplier will get them on the 28th but that's likely to slip I'm told now). So started eyeing up alternatives around the same price/noise level.

Any ideas?

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by savechief

The Kura is not a "smart" trainer. It's no "smarter" than riding a standard trainer with some brand of external power meter. Only the Kura has that power measuring capability built in. There is no ERG mode in which you can specify a certain wattage, and it will vary the resistance to maintain that wattage as your cadence fluctuates. Third party apps can't control the resistance since it's not an electronically controlled trainer. The rider is the control. You want higher wattage? Pedal faster.

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by Weenie

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by Shrike

Brill thanks, that's clear! It's marketed as 'smart' in the UK by retailers which was throwing me.

Dodged a bullet there, was tempted though.

Been eyeing up the Kickr, would add an another 300 quid, but ultimately it seems the Flux is quieter than the Kickr '2' so best I wait out for the Flux unless I can get more info on noise.

Really doesn't seem to be a good contender to the Flux right now, anywhere near its price point..

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