Garmin Edge 510 map data problem?

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by ToffieBoi


Today I rode an 130km course. In the half way, to show when I will be at home, I turned live track on.
When I was home and uploaded the ride, there was no map data about it.

I can see all the elevation, heart rate, cadence and other data.

What can be the problem?
My switching on LiveTrack can cause it?

I uploaded the ride to Stava, Garmin Connect and also ridewithgps but non was able to show the map. Also no map data on Garmin itself too.

When I check the settings on Garmin, GPS+Glonass was on. Is it possible that I mistakenly turned off it before the ride?
I also am pretty sure than I saw "GPS Fixed" pop-up on the screen before the ride.

It is an Asia version and I have the latest firmware for it.
This is the strava link of the ride.

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by mentok

sounds like the garmin file is messed up. try fitfilerepair tool or post it on the garmin forums and see if someone smart can fix it for you.

unfortunately, it sounds to me like the data is gone for good :(

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