Diet changes as riding season starts - advice please

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by indigo

Butcher wrote:Coke 22tsp of sugar? 12oz can has 39g of sugar. Tsp has 4g. I know the education in America is not up to par, but that equals a lot less than 22tsp.

This was a cover story in The Economist recently and iirc a can of Coke equated to around 12 tsp sugar.

Someone later pointed out that this is idem for the same quantity of orange juice ..

by Weenie

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by drchull

First off, off the top of my head. If I said can my mistake meant 750ml bottle. If we are going to be a jackass about it wtf is with the ounces come on you educated in some backwards country. Gonna tell me what your weight in stones and how many hands tall you are and how many furloughs you rode this week.
Most importantly though Canadian not American and way over-educated.

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by Butcher

Wow, settle down. Yes, your Canadian, got that. Yes, I'm American, but educated in several countries around the world. Yes, America being the big man on the block is a little cocky and should adapt to the metric system and grow up a little.

You being a Doctor shows you are more educated and more believable than some backward auto mechanic [aka Butcher] like me. Spreading 22tsp about pop just sounded a little high to me. Some may take your words as fact [since you are a Doctor], I was just clearing up the information a little. Nothing more, nothing less.

And with the HFCS vs sugar, no issues there either. Some countries use HFCS and some use sugar for their Coke, just another fact. The only thing I care about is that it has one or the other. The diet stuff just taste terrible.

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by jpanspac

I don't ride furloughs, but I did ride 944 furlongs last weekend.
My favorite components are the ones I never have to think about.

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by drchull

Sorry, touchy after hard workout. I wasn't the one taking the first shot though.

Haha yeah got the furlongs one wrong. Karma I guess.

22tsp is spot on for the 750ml bottle, never did specify can in original comment, actually that number came from our dietician. No less disturbing that a can has about 10-11. 38 for a big gulp (44oz whatever that means)

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